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Skin tags can make the skin look rather unsightly. It has a way of making you look ugly and unattractive. It tends to also make you look older. It is only proper to get rid of skin tags as soon as possible. There are some simple things that can be done to get rid of the skin tags from your skin; irrespective of where the skin tags is coming up on the skin. One of the best ways to get this done is by using magnesium. Magnesium can be made available in the form of topical creams. When you apply the topical creams onto the skin tags, you can expect quick resolution of the problem.

How effective the magnesium cream is

In designing the topical creams for Skin tags, several chemical substances aside magnesium had been added to it by the makers. The creams had been discovered to be very wonderful when it comes to getting rid of the skin condition. The only thing you need to do is to properly apply the topical cream on the tag and you can be sure of positive response within a rather short period of time. But before you carry out the application of the topical cream on the Skin tags, it is very essential that you wash the surface of the tag. This will help to remove things like sweat and oily deposits that may end up preventing the full functioning of the magnesium in the topical creams on your Skin tags.

Other possible contents

As it had been mentioned above, the topical creams are made with different kinds of chemical substances along with magnesium. Do not forget that different manufacturers are responsible for making them. Because of this, varieties of substances had been added in making them. Some of the topical creams may contain other substances like sulphur.  Some other manufactures may decide to add teratonine to the magnesium for better effect


It is easy to obtain the magnesium-containing topical cream over the counter. It also becomes important for you to carry your doctor along whenever you want to make use the creams. Do not forget that they have different active ingredients. Each of the active ingredients may also have varying degree of effects on your skin. So as not to end up damaging your skin further in an attempt to treat Skin tags, it then becomes necessary for you to carry your doctor along.


skin tags

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Many people are having skin tags today on different parts of their bodies. One of the things that make skin tags to be very common is the fact that it can be found on different age groups. There is also no sex that can’t end up with skin tag. Race and skin color also does not protect any one from this skin condition.

Several treatment methods had been implemented for the treatment of skin tags and many of then had been certified as being reliable for treating it. It is possible for you to treat skin tags at the hospitals and you can also decide to get things done at home in case you find it difficult to spare the money for treating it.

You also need to know that treating skin tags should not be taken as an urgent thing. In fact, you can decide to leave the thing untreated; since it does not have any negative effect on you at all. But if you insist on treating it, you can always depend on apple cider vinegar to help you in getting rid of the skin condition from your body.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest ways used in treating skin tag. Initially, only vinegar was used for this purpose. But vinegar was discovered to be too corrosive and this brought about the addition of apple cider, since this had been done, skin tags had been treated more effectively using this solution.

The apple cider vinegar has a way of drying up the skin tags and leaving your skin free of it. The treatment method comes in the form of solution. The solution only needs to be applied directly all over the skin tag. In order to apply things well, you can simply make use of a cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball into the solution and apply it round the skin tag.


After application, it will be better to wrap the skin tags with band aid. This will help to keep the apple cider vinegar on the skin tags for a very long time and it will also quicken the rate of healing.  Apple cider vinegar is so active to the extent that it can help to get rid of the skin tags within days after you must have started applying it. In order to get very good result from the use of this treatment method, you need to carry out consistent application.


skin tags

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Skin tag is a very common skin condition. It is common to practically everybody that walks the face of the earth. This is to say that no one can ever escape from having skin tag. In case you are not having your own now, you are sure to end up with it before long. It is true that skin tag is more associated with old age, but its appearance had been reported on people who are very young on several occasions. This means there is no age group that can’t be affected. Both male and female too can get skin tag. Pregnant women are even more susceptible to having the skin condition.

The troublesome nature

Skin tag can be highly troublesome. The skin condition is generally not painful if you do not touch it. But there are times that it appears in clusters. It can also appear in clusters at any part of the body. Imagine having a cluster of skin tags on your neck; imagine what people passing by you on the sidewalks will think of you. It is certain that you will look like the replica of a beast from the jungle to them. The psychological effect of skin tag is something that many individuals find very difficult to fathom.

Skin tags growing in cluster in easily rubbed places can be very problematic. One skin tag being infected is enough trouble on its own; not to talk of when you have a cluster of infected skin tags.

The cost of treatment

In order to treat skin tag that appear in clusters, one will need to spend more. Treating one skin tag in a hospital can cost you as much as $150. Now, imagine treating a whole bunch of the thing; even if you have to carry out the treatment at home. It will be more time consuming in comparison with treating just one skin tag.

What brings them?

In actual fact no one can say specifically what can cause the skin tags coming up in clusters. Do not forget that there is no specific information anywhere on how skin tags even come up originally. Since no one knows how it comes to be, there is therefore no way to prevent it.


It can as well be said that the skin tag can decide to either appear singly or in clusters; depending on the wimps of the skin condition.

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There are many skin conditions under the sun and one of them is skin tags. This is a very common skin condition and everyone will attest to have had them at some point in life. A skin tag is soft hanging skin on certain parts of the body that is painless or harmful. This skin condition can be observed in areas of the skin subjected to friction from other skin or cloths like the underarms, the folds of the groin, the neck, the upper chest, and the eyelids and under the breasts.


Skin tags are caused by many things. First, this skin condition is acquired meaning that it can be contacted from an infected person. If someone in your lineage had or has skin tags, then you are likely to have them too as it is inherited. This skin condition can also be caused by obesity or pregnancy hormones. Women who have small bodies but oversized breast might also suffer from this skin condition.


Skin tags can be very irritating and unsightly and for this reason, people suffering from it try as much as possible to prevent events in which new skin tags will appear. To achieve this, these people seek treatment that will prevent development of new skin tags.


The surest way of preventing development of new skin tags is by physically removing the skin tags from their roots. This is done at home with a tie and clip method or at the hospital where the dermatologist uses a scalpel to clip off the skin tags.


In the tie and clip method of preventing growth of new skin tags, a thread or dental floss is used to tie the base of the skin tags tightly. This prevents the flow of blood to the skin tags and therefore making them numb. A pair of clean scissors is then used to cut off the skin tags. If this is done correctly, you will not have new skin tags growing. At the hospital, anesthesia is used then a scalpel is used to cut off the skin tags.


Electrocautery can be used to prevent the growth of new skin tags. This method involves the use of electric charge of low voltage to burn off the skin tags. This kills the skin tags to the roots. With this method, the charge is directed to a needle-tip which is then pointed at the skin tags and destroys them hence no new skin tags will develop.


If treatment is not correctly administered, new skin tags might develop and this is not exactly good news to those who hate new skin tags.



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Skin tags are skin outgrowth that appears on the skin that is frequently under friction. It normally affects overweight people and those with diabetes but also can be found on any one. Skin tag is not a disease and it should not worry you as it is completely harmless. Some fall off from the skin after being rubbed by the clothing however most skin tags rarely fall off. Skin tags do not require the doctor’s attention since they don’t cause infections like cancer, only in cases where they increase in number or if you remove them and they reappear on the same spot is where you can seek medical assistance.

It is your choice to use whatever method you prefer since they all have a common goal that is removing the skin tag. You can choose to remove skin tags by tying a piece of string on the skin near the skin tag, this cuts the blood supply to the skin tag and it eventually dries and falls off.  This is not very convenient as it involves living with a string tied around your skin, sometimes it may take even a day or two for the skin tag to fall off.

The other option is cutting the skin tag with a scissors; this is rather painful and involves a little bleeding. Make sure the scissors or blade you are going to use is sharp and sensitized, you can sensitize using fire or hydrogen peroxide if available. Cut the skin near the skin tag and numb the small wound with a cold substance since it is abit painful. Clean the wound with an antibacterial to prevent germs from causing infections on the wound. If you are afraid to cut the skin tag on your own then you can visit a health professional who can perform electrosurgery. Make sure you cover the wounds after cutting the skin tags to prevent irritation and further treatment.

You can also choose to treat skin tags using liquid solutions; they are not painful but can be rather dangerous to the skin and leave a scar. This method involves freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen; the liquid kills the cells tissue of the skin tag quickly living minor scars on the wound. These liquids should only be used under the instruction of a doctor and the prescriptions followed, don’t extend the period of usage of this solutions as they are very dangerous to your skin.

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Large Skin Tags

Large skin tags are outgrowths on the skin that occur due to friction, excess skin on the body or due to genetic inheritance. Skin tags vary in form, they can be large in size or small in size, whether large or small they cause no danger. Curing the skin tag while they are still small is better other than curing them when they are large. Sometime you can treat a skin tag when it is still young but still grows large, if this occurs seek medical attention first. It is not necessary to treat skin tags but having them on your skin especially the large skin tags can be very uncomfortable.

Large skin tags are first tested to make sure they are not carrying any other infections; they don’t cause skin cancer however they can be carrying skin cancer though no case is reported. Large skin tags can be very irritating especially if they are disturbed by clothing, make sure the skin tag is not frequently disturbed. If possible make sure nothing touches the skin tag or you can simply cut it off. When it comes to cutting the skin tag off ensure you know what you are doing, skin tags should be cut at the skin near the skin tag. If you cut the skin tag and leave a small portion of the skin tag on your skin it will simply regenerate.

Large skin tags are better left for the dermatologist to treat; this is because surgery is the best option for treating large skin tags. The dermatologist first tests the skin tag, either surgery or Cryotherapy technique will then be used to get rid of the skin tag. Cryotherapy may take time to act on the skin tag depending on its size; however Cryotherapy kills the source of the skin tag completely. You can also use medication or the natural home remedies to cure skin tags but this may take a very long time or some time they may not work.

If you treat the skin tag by whatever method and they reappear on the same spot or a different spot, that skin tag may be having other infections, the dermatologist is the best person who can handle such a situation. The same procedure can be followed to cure the skin tag but for methods like Cryotherapy if repeated on the same spot will cause death of more tissues.

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Home Removal Of Skin Tags

Home removal of skin tags offers an alternative to medical treatment, home removal involves self-care where the individual initiates his or her own treatment without being monitored by a doctor. It is important to have a checkup by a dermatologist to be certain that you are indeed treating  skin tags and not any other skin condition. Have a dermatologist explain to you if your condition needs medical treatment or you can just use the home remedy treatment. Some of the techniques used by dermatologist can also be used hence let the dermatologist give you a breakdown of the procedure you should follow.

You can use the natural home remedies to remove skin tags, they work pretty well and leave no minor injuries. Apply the home remedies severally for a specific period of time and not the changes that occur if the skin tag is drying up or tends to shrink then it means the medication is effective. If it is not working then check whether you are using the medication properly, you may be using the medication in the wrong way or you may be using the wrong medication. Have a dermatologist prescribe for you how to go about using the medication.

You can use the conventional method of cutting the skin tag, these methods are usually applied in hospitals and depending on the position the skin tag is on your skin you can use the same technique. Don’t try to use the method if the skin tag is in a delicate place like your eyelids, leave the delicate parts for the dermatologist. You can tie a piece of string around the skin tag tightly and leave it, after a few days or hours the skin tag will fall off. You can also choose to cut the skin tag on your own or have someone help you, ensure that the instruments you use are clean and sterile. After cutting the skin tag clean the wound with an antibacterial, you can also bandage to protect the wound from germs.

When removing skin tags yourself at home be very cautious, techniques like cutting the skin tag can be very dangerous especially it is on your face. If you cut the skin tag and it reappears seek medical attention first before repeating the procedure or using another technique. Caution should also be taken when removing skin tags from kids as their skin is too soft.

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A skin tag is a small little outgrowth that appears on your body. They project from areas that are under constant friction like under your armpits but can be anywhere in your body. Skin tags are harmless and don’t lead to cancer however they can be really irritating. Most people prefer to get rid of skin tags as they make them feel uncomfortable, others care so much about their public image that they prefer having them chopped off. You don’t have to treat skin tags but if it is a must first see a doctor to clarify for you that it is indeed a skin tag and not any other infection.

You can choose from the various methods available on how to remove your skin tag, but first make sure what you are about to remove is a skin tag – don’t assume. You can read the signs and symptoms of skin tags and compare if they match with yours, if you are still not sure then seek assistance from a dermatologist. These outgrowths occur on various parts of your body some may protrude near your eyes therefore be keen when removing from these delicate areas as you can hurt yourself. Removing skin tags is easy you can do it yourself or ask someone to help you especially in areas you can’t reach comfortably like your back.

You can choose to get rid of a skin tag naturally by using the ingredients you have at home, this process is cost effective since you are not required to purchase any medication. These homemade treatments have proven to be the best since they do the same job as over the counter drugs with no major side effects on your skin. If you don’t mind spending some cash there are natural oils from your local drug store which can be applied to your skin tag, after some time the skin tag shrinks, dries up and fades away.

The other option you can take is use of creams that are available in the market, apply them on your skin regularly and the skin tag will vanish slowly. However these creams are expensive and can cause skin allergies to some people. If you doubt you may develop side effects from using the creams then use the medical technique of cutting the skin tag, it is fairly painful and bleeds less. After cutting the skin tag clean the area with an antibacterial cream until it heals.

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Treat Skin Tags

Skin tags are a common skin disorder. They are normally small in size but may grow to be large. It is not a disease but a benign growth on the surface of the skin. This means they are not related to cancer. You will find them attached to the skin by a thin stem.

They can affect both men and women although women are the most affected in comparison to men. The tags are harmless. The major cause of skin tags is not known but they are known to appear during and after middle age. People of that age are the most affected making aging as the only possible cause of their occurrence.

It is best to leave them alone as they are harmless, but some may be irritating or be on a visible part of the body and you may want to remove them. Some of the ways that may be used to treat skin tags include;

By applying apple cider vinegar on the skin tags. When applied, the skin tag turns dry such that it can easily be cut off.

Another way to treat skin tags is by applying herbal medicines. The herbal cure attacks the tissue of the tag till it dries out and falls off. Large tags will obviously take longer than the small ones to fall off.

Since the skin does not hurt, they are only known to be irritating when friction occurs on them; you can treat the irritation by covering the tags with clothing, a band aid or apply creams to reduce the friction.

You may also tie a knot at the base of the skin tag with a piece of string or a thread. The knot stops the blood flow. This results in the skin tag dying and may drop off in a week. The method is however recommended for skin tags that are on less sensitive body parts.

Another way is to cut off the skin tag with a sterilized scissors or a razor. The tag is cut off at the base. This may result in bleeding in the area and you are advised not to do it on your own.

Cryotherapy is another way that can be used to treat skin tags. The process involves freezing the tags with liquid Nitrogen. The process is less painful and may take a week or two for a large tag to fall off. The liquid should be applied three times a day.

However, it is best to let the skin tags remain as they may not be permanently removed.

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Herbal Skin Tag Treatment

A skin tag can be described as a brown or black growth on the skin. They become eminent on the surface of the skin and appear as penducles. These tags can showcase themselves in different sizes. In the on set, they portray themselves as small swellings which progressively grow in size. The average diameter of skin tags is between 2 millimeters up to 1 centimeter. In some few cases, these tags can grow to a diameter of up to 5 centimeters. The skin tags are caused by a collection of the collagen fibers that swell from the inner layer of the skin. Within these tags, you can identify nerve cells, fibers, ducts and a layer of the outer skin which is referred to as the epidermis. The condition is more common among those over 40 years of age and it should be nothing to really worry about since they are not malignant.

Skin tags are caused by certain factors such as obesity, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and genetic factors. The skin surface takes on an irregular shape and it becomes more tender. Many and women alike can be affected by these painless tags. The herbal skin tag treatment options are available and are more cost effective as compared to the medical approaches. Below are some of the home remedies that one can consider using to get rid of skin tags.

• Heat can be applied on the skin tag for approximately half an hour. Go ahead and use cotton wool that has been soaked in vinegar made from apple cider for approximately a quarter of an hour. Carry out the procedure repeatedly until you notice the tag falling off.

• You can opt to tie a potato on the skin tag with the aid of a bandage. The weight will make it fall off.

• Another option would be to make a solution of water and aspirin. This method decreases the size of the tag up to a point where it gets totally eliminated.

• Others have used water and baking soda to treat skin tags successfully.

Herbal skin tag treatment options are an affordable way of eliminating, controlling and managing skin tags. One would have to be patient to record any notable results. It is also necessary to exercise caution while utilizing some of the above mentioned options. The effectiveness of these approaches will highly depend on the consistency of their use.

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