Herbal Skin Tag Remedy

Skin tag can come up on any part of the body. It is one skin condition that does not have any age limit. It also does not have any specific gender on which on which it can grow. Since it was first experienced, some simple removal methods had been developed to deal with it. Some herbal products had also been used on this skin condition and these herbal products had been discovered to be very useful in removing skin tag. Herbal products are not however commonly used to get rid of the skin condition. Instead of depending on herbal products, those who are affected by the skin condition prefer the use of some other treatment methods; since they are faster. Some of the methods are looked into below.

Fingernail polish

This is one of the simplest ways of removing skin tag. It is a perfect alternative to the use of herbal products. Make sure you do not touch it until the polish has dried on the tag. Leave it in this state for at least two days. The polish will automatically peel off from the surface of the skin tag. You will notice a lot of difference in the state of the tag.

Simple ‘strangulation’

This is done by tying a string around the base of the skin tag. It is able to remove the skin condition within days of application. By doing this, you are annihilating the tag. The thread will sort of isolate the tag and prevent blood and nutrient flow from your body into the tag. If the tag is left in this condition for a number of days, it will die a natural death and drop off from your skin.  You however need great patience before you can get any positive result from this method of curing skin tag from home.

Duct tape too is helpful

This method too had been used extensively and it had been discovered to be helpful in getting rid of the skin tag on you. What you need to do is to use the duct tape to hold the tag in place. Leave it in this position until the tape begins to loosen up. When this occurs, it is a sign that the tag is about falling off. Remove the tape and find out. If the tag is still in place, apply another duct tape and leave it again till the tape loosens up.


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