Eyelid Skin Tags

Eyelid skin tags are the ordinary skin tags that are formed on the eyelids. It’s not uncommon to always develop the skin tags mostly on the eyes. This is because the eyelids tend to have wrinkles sooner than most pother parts of our body. The eyelid skin tags are among the most conspicuous of all benign skin growths.  Even the smallest of eyelid skin tags are very conspicuous. Skin tags can be skin-colored, dark brown, or even be black in color. Skin tags are always raised from the surface of the skin and often have a fleshy stalk. Skin tags are harmless; however, when located on eyelids, they often make us very self-conscious about our looks and how others see of us. Skin tags on eyelids look really ugly and people desperately wish to get rid of them. Do not be twitchy and cut off the eyelid skin tags in such a rash manner that they start bleeding. You might also run the risk of affecting the nerves on your eyelids of you cannot get the job done well.

How do you treat eyelids skin tags?

Clip the Skin Tag

Sterilize a pair of nail clippers by soaking them in boiling water. After sterilizing, place them on a clean cloth. Next, tie a clean thread or dental floss at the bottom of the skin tag. Using a mirror, carefully clip the skin tag in one smooth motion. Make sure you clip it right above the thread or dental floss so that you do not clip the eyelid. You need to clean the eyelid by dipping a Q-tip into hydrogen peroxide. Very carefully rub the area of the eye lid to prevent infection. Make sure you do not drip hydrogen peroxide into your eye. When doing anything near or around the eye, be very careful.

You can visit your physician at the earliest to remove your eyelid skin tags by methods such as burning or freezing or cryography. However, you can also remove the skin tags at home without spending pots of money to remove them.

Finally it is always best to avoid such procedures so as to keep your eye in the best condition. Some people always opt for surgical methods to cure eyelid skin tags. This is because they fear that they will injure their eyes and will have to undergo more treatments to put things right. You can opt to remove your eyelid skin tag at home but be very careful and confident when you do so.

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