Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The skin tag removal kit contains everything you require to remove your skin tags. You must first prepare the area to be treated with the sterile pad and emery board, and arrange the contents of the kit so they are to hand. You will also need a glass of clean fresh water. The removal solution should be left on the skin for 15 minutes, but you should allow an extra 5 minutes for preparation.


In most cases one treatment will be enough. A second application may be required if the skin tag is large and thick.

Generally no. The solution is applied onto the surface of the skin tag and any excess should be wiped away from the surrounding skin. Allow the treated area to heal naturally and the skin tag will fall off. At first there will be a small mark which will fade over time. Picking at the area or removing the skin tag prematurely may result in a scar.

Each small bottle contains 3ml which is more than enough to treat the average persons whole body. One kit is all that should be needed to remove 30 or more skin tags, as only a small amount is required for each application.


If you intend to treat more than 30 skin tags you may wish to purchase a second kit.

A slight stinging sensation should be expected when the solution is applied but that should stop when the solution is removed after 15 minutes. Always use the healing cream as soon as the treatment has ended and reapply it daily.

Most other products on the market take weeks of daily application, or involve liquid nitrogen which must be used with extreme caution as it can cause deep scarring.

Always use the skin tag removal solution on clean dry skin, never apply on top of make up.

Our product does not bleach the skin, and does not contain bloodroot, hydroquinone or any harmful skin bleaching agents.


Yes, it is very safe if used as instructed.


All ingredients are 100% natural. However, you should not use the kit if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

If the kit does not work we will give you a refund of the full purchase price. Please e-mail us with your order details within 30 days of receiving your product for details of our return procedure.

All ingredients are 100% natural


Skin Tag Removal Solution: Carbolic Acid, Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A), Crystalline Phenol (Coal Tar)


Healing Cream: Pearl Oil (Powdered Fresh Water Pearl), Songhua Powder (Calcium Milk Powder), Plant Hybrid Protein

If you are under 18 Years of age you will need parental consent.


You should not purchase the kit if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Yes but with extreme caution, taking care not to allow the product in the eyes. Care must also be taken that it is not rubbed into the eyes after application, you should thoroughly wash your hands immediately after use.


See full usage instructions inside the kit.

Skin Tags can be treated externally using the kit but should never be used internally.

When the metallic tag around the neck of the bottle has been removed, And the cap removed the contents will have settled in the bottle and will need remixing, So that the cream is evenly mixed. This needs to be done for at least 2 minutes before use.

Yes! The skin tag removal kit can also be used to treat moles & warts.

You can use the solution to remove skin tags, moles or warts anywhere externally on your body including face, chest, décolleté, shoulders, back, hands, anywhere! Care is needed around the eyes. You should never use the product internally.

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