Remove Genital Skin Tags

Are you sexually active? Then it is very possible for you to have a skin tag on your genitals. The skin condition comes up more on those areas that go through friction; the genitals undergo friction during sexual intercourse. Sexual activity does increase tension on the penal shaft and this is why this area is prone to having this skin condition. Nevertheless, appearance of this skin condition on the penal shaft does not lead to any health complication. Because of this, you can decide to leave it as it is. But at times, the clothing you put on can brush over the skin tag and this can lead to formation of bruises on the tag. During sexual activity, the bruise can also occur on the shaft. The bruise can end up causing other complications. You should therefore get rid of skin tag as soon as possible to avoid such complications.

Tie it up

Skin tag can be removed by simply tying the thing up on your genitals. What you need to do is to simply tie a thread around the base of the skin tag.  When you tie the thread, the blood supply to the tag will be cut off. The tag actually lives on the nutrient supplied to it by the blood. The absence of the blood will therefore reduce nutrient supply to the tag and this will lead to the death of the skin tag.  This will make the skin tag drop off from your genital on its own without causing you any unwarranted pain.

Check with your doctor

It is also possible to get rid of skin tag at the hospital. Some simple surgical procedures have been developed to make this possible a possibility.  All you need to do is to present yourself at the hospital and the medical personnel will determine the best medical treatment to make use of to get rid of your tag. The area in which the skin tag is located can go a long way in determining the kind of surgical intervention to be implemented.


Before the surgical procedure is performed on you, your doctor will want to use some anesthetic agents to deaden your genitals to the pain.  The size also determines the type of anesthesia to be used and how it is to be used for the complete removal of the skin tag from your skin. You can be sure that the tag does not require after it had been removed.


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