Skin Tag Removal – Cauterization

Skin tag removal by cauterization, refers to the removal of skin tags by burning. These tags are often painless and they develop on the different parts of the human body. The particular causative agents for the skin tags are unknown, but they occur more in pregnant women, patients having diabetes, and people infected with the HPV (Human Papiloma Virus). These tags do not lead to health complications, but the constant irritation on the skin due to chaffing is the main cause for concern among those who have skin tags. There are those who prefer to cut off the tags, the most common remedy to remove them with natural herbs.

The most recommended way of skin tag removal is cauterization. Cauterization is done at the doctor’s office. This process bears the advantage of hygiene, in addition to which the patient is attended to by a qualified medical practitioner. There is also very little or no risk of recurrence of the same, although a permanent way of keeping off the skin tags is still unknown to date.

Basically a patient who chooses to have the skin tag removal process through cauterization will have to do a number of things in preparation for the process itself. If you want to have a number of tags removed, you first have to schedule an appointment with the doctor. Then inquire whether cauterization is the right way to deal with the skin tag. It may be dangerous to attempt to remove the skin tags by yourself at home. For this reason you should allow the doctor perform the cauterization procedure.

You need to know the cauterization procedure. The process involves removing a skin tags using a heated needle or instrument. The heated instrument is allowed contact with the skin tag in order to burn the cells in the growth.

The area where the skin tag removal has been done should then be treated with an anesthetic. The anesthetic numbs the tag and the affected part of the body. The needle or instrument in use should be sterilized to prevent the risk of more infections. The instrument in use should also be sharp, this will ensure that very little damage is inflicted, and to allow for faster recovery of the patient. When the removal process is done properly, there should be generally very little or no bleeding. All the cells of the skin tag should be burn simultaneously using a hot instrument in order to lessen the chance of recurrence of the same tag.


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