New Skin Tags

There are many skin conditions under the sun and one of them is skin tags. This is a very common skin condition and everyone will attest to have had them at some point in life. A skin tag is soft hanging skin on certain parts of the body that is painless or harmful. This skin condition can be observed in areas of the skin subjected to friction from other skin or cloths like the underarms, the folds of the groin, the neck, the upper chest, and the eyelids and under the breasts.


Skin tags are caused by many things. First, this skin condition is acquired meaning that it can be contacted from an infected person. If someone in your lineage had or has skin tags, then you are likely to have them too as it is inherited. This skin condition can also be caused by obesity or pregnancy hormones. Women who have small bodies but oversized breast might also suffer from this skin condition.


Skin tags can be very irritating and unsightly and for this reason, people suffering from it try as much as possible to prevent events in which new skin tags will appear. To achieve this, these people seek treatment that will prevent development of new skin tags.


The surest way of preventing development of new skin tags is by physically removing the skin tags from their roots. This is done at home with a tie and clip method or at the hospital where the dermatologist uses a scalpel to clip off the skin tags.


In the tie and clip method of preventing growth of new skin tags, a thread or dental floss is used to tie the base of the skin tags tightly. This prevents the flow of blood to the skin tags and therefore making them numb. A pair of clean scissors is then used to cut off the skin tags. If this is done correctly, you will not have new skin tags growing. At the hospital, anesthesia is used then a scalpel is used to cut off the skin tags.


Electrocautery can be used to prevent the growth of new skin tags. This method involves the use of electric charge of low voltage to burn off the skin tags. This kills the skin tags to the roots. With this method, the charge is directed to a needle-tip which is then pointed at the skin tags and destroys them hence no new skin tags will develop.


If treatment is not correctly administered, new skin tags might develop and this is not exactly good news to those who hate new skin tags.



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