Large Skin Tags

Large skin tags are outgrowths on the skin that occur due to friction, excess skin on the body or due to genetic inheritance. Skin tags vary in form, they can be large in size or small in size, whether large or small they cause no danger. Curing the skin tag while they are still small is better other than curing them when they are large. Sometime you can treat a skin tag when it is still young but still grows large, if this occurs seek medical attention first. It is not necessary to treat skin tags but having them on your skin especially the large skin tags can be very uncomfortable.

Large skin tags are first tested to make sure they are not carrying any other infections; they don’t cause skin cancer however they can be carrying skin cancer though no case is reported. Large skin tags can be very irritating especially if they are disturbed by clothing, make sure the skin tag is not frequently disturbed. If possible make sure nothing touches the skin tag or you can simply cut it off. When it comes to cutting the skin tag off ensure you know what you are doing, skin tags should be cut at the skin near the skin tag. If you cut the skin tag and leave a small portion of the skin tag on your skin it will simply regenerate.

Large skin tags are better left for the dermatologist to treat; this is because surgery is the best option for treating large skin tags. The dermatologist first tests the skin tag, either surgery or Cryotherapy technique will then be used to get rid of the skin tag. Cryotherapy may take time to act on the skin tag depending on its size; however Cryotherapy kills the source of the skin tag completely. You can also use medication or the natural home remedies to cure skin tags but this may take a very long time or some time they may not work.

If you treat the skin tag by whatever method and they reappear on the same spot or a different spot, that skin tag may be having other infections, the dermatologist is the best person who can handle such a situation. The same procedure can be followed to cure the skin tag but for methods like Cryotherapy if repeated on the same spot will cause death of more tissues.

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