Home Removal Of Skin Tags

Home removal of skin tags offers an alternative to medical treatment, home removal involves self-care where the individual initiates his or her own treatment without being monitored by a doctor. It is important to have a checkup by a dermatologist to be certain that you are indeed treating  skin tags and not any other skin condition. Have a dermatologist explain to you if your condition needs medical treatment or you can just use the home remedy treatment. Some of the techniques used by dermatologist can also be used hence let the dermatologist give you a breakdown of the procedure you should follow.

You can use the natural home remedies to remove skin tags, they work pretty well and leave no minor injuries. Apply the home remedies severally for a specific period of time and not the changes that occur if the skin tag is drying up or tends to shrink then it means the medication is effective. If it is not working then check whether you are using the medication properly, you may be using the medication in the wrong way or you may be using the wrong medication. Have a dermatologist prescribe for you how to go about using the medication.

You can use the conventional method of cutting the skin tag, these methods are usually applied in hospitals and depending on the position the skin tag is on your skin you can use the same technique. Don’t try to use the method if the skin tag is in a delicate place like your eyelids, leave the delicate parts for the dermatologist. You can tie a piece of string around the skin tag tightly and leave it, after a few days or hours the skin tag will fall off. You can also choose to cut the skin tag on your own or have someone help you, ensure that the instruments you use are clean and sterile. After cutting the skin tag clean the wound with an antibacterial, you can also bandage to protect the wound from germs.

When removing skin tags yourself at home be very cautious, techniques like cutting the skin tag can be very dangerous especially it is on your face. If you cut the skin tag and it reappears seek medical attention first before repeating the procedure or using another technique. Caution should also be taken when removing skin tags from kids as their skin is too soft.

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