Herbal Skin Tag Treatment

A skin tag can be described as a brown or black growth on the skin. They become eminent on the surface of the skin and appear as penducles. These tags can showcase themselves in different sizes. In the on set, they portray themselves as small swellings which progressively grow in size. The average diameter of skin tags is between 2 millimeters up to 1 centimeter. In some few cases, these tags can grow to a diameter of up to 5 centimeters. The skin tags are caused by a collection of the collagen fibers that swell from the inner layer of the skin. Within these tags, you can identify nerve cells, fibers, ducts and a layer of the outer skin which is referred to as the epidermis. The condition is more common among those over 40 years of age and it should be nothing to really worry about since they are not malignant.

Skin tags are caused by certain factors such as obesity, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and genetic factors. The skin surface takes on an irregular shape and it becomes more tender. Many and women alike can be affected by these painless tags. The herbal skin tag treatment options are available and are more cost effective as compared to the medical approaches. Below are some of the home remedies that one can consider using to get rid of skin tags.

• Heat can be applied on the skin tag for approximately half an hour. Go ahead and use cotton wool that has been soaked in vinegar made from apple cider for approximately a quarter of an hour. Carry out the procedure repeatedly until you notice the tag falling off.

• You can opt to tie a potato on the skin tag with the aid of a bandage. The weight will make it fall off.

• Another option would be to make a solution of water and aspirin. This method decreases the size of the tag up to a point where it gets totally eliminated.

• Others have used water and baking soda to treat skin tags successfully.

Herbal skin tag treatment options are an affordable way of eliminating, controlling and managing skin tags. One would have to be patient to record any notable results. It is also necessary to exercise caution while utilizing some of the above mentioned options. The effectiveness of these approaches will highly depend on the consistency of their use.

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