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A skin tag is a benign skin growth you can easily treat on your own without having someone to monitor you; as a matter of fact they are totally harmless. However it is recommended that a doctor checks the growth first before you start your treatment, this basically allows the doctor to check if the growth is actually a skin tag and not any other skin condition. Getting a qualified dermatologist test for you is better other than an unqualified dermatologist who may jump into conclusion.

There are various ways you can remove skin tags and they all depend on the preference of the affected individual. Use of medication can be the best since you don’t incur pain but this method requires patience, skin tags take time to vanish therefore if you are impatient and start trying all sorts of different medications you will end up making the problem worse. The top skin tag treatment used by doctors is to cut off the skin tag, this can be rather painful but you will have the skin tag removed instantly although you may need a stitch and be left with a small scar.

The top skin tag treatment for a low budget is to tie a piece of string around the base which will cut off the circulation. The skin tag will die and fall off after a few days.

The top skin tag treatment overall for price, ease of use & results is this skin tag removal kit. Its 100% natural & the results are fantastic.

When purchasing medication or treatment for skin tags make sure you purchase them from an authorized pharmaceutical, check the seal if they are expired and if they are products of a licensed medical company. Don’t depend on over the counter drugs unless you are sure that it is the medication prescribed by the doctor. Due to the technological changes in the medicine industry enquire if there are new releases of the products in the market. Use the medication as prescribed by the doctor and if the condition doesn’t seem to improve ask the doctor if you can remove the skin tag or the doctor can cut the skin tag for you.

If the skin tag reappears it is always good to seek the doctor’s help, since the skin may be having other infections without your awareness. After cutting off the skin tag make sure you clean the infected part immediately with an antibacterial solution and cover the wound with bandage to prevent germs from causing other infections. Lastly note that skin tags don’t necessarily require treatment only when they cause irritation or if they become too large and cause cosmetic concerns.

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