Q&A: can skin tags be removed non-surgically?

Sandy asks…

can skin tags be removed non-surgically?

I have a few skin tags around my neck & they hurt when my necklaces catch on them, but i don’t have the $ or insurance to get them removed by a doctor. I am willing to try any skin tag removal cream or home remedies that are out there!

admin answers:

You CAN remove skin tags yourself for little cost.  This is the cheapest method: Pull the skin tag away from you and tie a piece of thread around the skin tag and tightly enough make a knot looping around the tag, then cut the ends of the remaining thread with scissors. Leave the knot around the skin tag and it will eventually become loose and will fall off on its own. If you are going to do this yourself make sure your hands are clean, wash them first to prevent infection and have someone help you because that will make it much easier and also they need to tie the knot around the skin tag for you, I doubt it can be done alone if its in an awkward place.

Another method to remove skin tags is to use our home removal kit. The natural ingredients will make the skin tags turn black & fall off, without the need for string!