How To Treat Skin Tags

Skin tags are skin outgrowth that appears on the skin that is frequently under friction. It normally affects overweight people and those with diabetes but also can be found on any one. Skin tag is not a disease and it should not worry you as it is completely harmless. Some fall off from the skin after being rubbed by the clothing however most skin tags rarely fall off. Skin tags do not require the doctor’s attention since they don’t cause infections like cancer, only in cases where they increase in number or if you remove them and they reappear on the same spot is where you can seek medical assistance.

It is your choice to use whatever method you prefer since they all have a common goal that is removing the skin tag. You can choose to remove skin tags by tying a piece of string on the skin near the skin tag, this cuts the blood supply to the skin tag and it eventually dries and falls off.  This is not very convenient as it involves living with a string tied around your skin, sometimes it may take even a day or two for the skin tag to fall off.

The other option is cutting the skin tag with a scissors; this is rather painful and involves a little bleeding. Make sure the scissors or blade you are going to use is sharp and sensitized, you can sensitize using fire or hydrogen peroxide if available. Cut the skin near the skin tag and numb the small wound with a cold substance since it is abit painful. Clean the wound with an antibacterial to prevent germs from causing infections on the wound. If you are afraid to cut the skin tag on your own then you can visit a health professional who can perform electrosurgery. Make sure you cover the wounds after cutting the skin tags to prevent irritation and further treatment.

You can also choose to treat skin tags using liquid solutions; they are not painful but can be rather dangerous to the skin and leave a scar. This method involves freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen; the liquid kills the cells tissue of the skin tag quickly living minor scars on the wound. These liquids should only be used under the instruction of a doctor and the prescriptions followed, don’t extend the period of usage of this solutions as they are very dangerous to your skin.

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