Skin Tags: the natural forms of treatment

Skin Tags – also known as Acrochorda – are benign in nature. They are evident under the arm pits, neck, eyelids and breasts. They take on different shapes and vary in their size and also their pigmentation. In most cases, the skin tag is smooth with probably very few wrinkles. Many patients who exhibit skin tags may opt to utilize surgical procedures. This can be attributed to the fact that surgery produces instant result which is rather different with the case of natural remedies that take much longer.

The cost of treating acrochordons will vary mainly depending on the particular process you intend to use. Since these procedures are considered cosmetic, the insurance companies do not cover them. The good news is that there are numerous forms of natural remedies that are cheap, reliable and most importantly effective. Most of these remedies can be done from home using products that are readily available in the kitchen.

Some of the natural home remedies for treating Acrochordon may involve tying the tag with thread in order to cut off the blood supply. This will result to the tag falling off within some few days. Other people have opted to apply nail polish on the tag which will end up killing it in a few days. The result of using natural remedies will vary from one individual to another depending on the particular tactic used. The size of the skin tag also plays a big role in determining the best natural method to use. Surprisingly enough, most of the natural forms of treatment can be rated at the same level with the surgical procedures. The main advantage of trying the natural method is that it is cost effective.

Once the Acrochordons have been treated either using the natural method or surgical procedure, one cannot determine whether they will reoccur. The reality is that some people are more susceptible to getting these skin tags more than others. It is therefore advisable to be able to understand the preventive measures that you can adapt in order to eliminate the chances of getting Acrochordons. Surgical procedures have been known to display notable side effects. On the other hand, the natural approaches are more conservative and they hardly display any side effects. However, depending on the particular natural remedy you choose to go for, it is advisable to be consistent and patient.

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