Baby Skin Tags

Baby skin tags refer to either the skin tags that affect babies or the first skin tags that affect an older person. We are going to look at the skin tags that affect babies; just like older people babies can also get infected with skin tags. This skin tags occur on various parts of the body including the face, arms but mostly around the ear. It is not easy to notice the infection on the infant since the skin tag can be very small, also babies can’t express themselves, unlike an older person who will complain if the infection irritates.

What causes skin tags in babies?

As the baby is born there is friction between the skin of the baby and the skin of the mother. This friction causes the skin of the baby to swell and form projections called skin tags. Excess skin is also another cause; the excess skin protrudes and form skin tags. Skin tags are also known to be genetically inherited from parent to the baby, the baby inherits a skin tag syndrome from the parent that causes skin tags.

How do you treat baby skin tags?

Baby skin tags are not that easy to treat due to their soft and very delicate skin, however you can use the various methods of treating skin tags available but take care not to inflict injuries on the baby. The best option you can choose is to apply skin care medication on the skin tags until the wounds heal. Make sure you get the prescription from the doctor; don’t just buy over the counter medication as some may be too strong causing harm or irritation to the skin of the baby.

If the medications seem not to produce any positive change, it is recommended for you to consult a doctor. The doctor can instruct you to cut the skin tag or can do it for you if it is in a rather delicate position. When cutting the skin tag using a string, tie it gently but slightly tight on the skin tag. Cutting the skin tag can be very delicate and should be performed by a doctor.

You should not worry when your child has skin tags. This is a normal skin infection and affects everyone. Skin tags are harmless and can cure on their own, however doctors recommend that you seek treatment as sometime they can be carrying other infections.

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