Can Skin Tags Turn Cancerous?

Skin tags can be regarded as soft skin coloured out-growths which hang on the surface of the skin. They are generally not painful but their sight can be embarrassing especially when they appear at places that are not covered by clothing (such as the face , ears and shoulder). Skin tags appear mostly in the skin-folds of the neck, torso and armpits as well as the genital regions. The tendencies to develop skin tags may run in some families while some women may develop the tags during their pregnancies. Skin tags are not cancerous and they are very unlikely to turn cancerous. At first skin tags appear as small bumps of skin tissue and later may expand and develop into lumps of flesh hanging on the skin with the support of a stalk.


Skin tags are natural outgrowths on the skin. They are not caused by any form of skin bacterial, fungus or virus, hence they cannot turn cancerous. It can be twisted or wriggled back and forth on the skin without feeling any pain and it is only when you try to pull them out that you can feel any sensation. Although the cause of the development of skin tags on the skin is quite unknown but the problem is not caused by exposure of the skin to sunlight or any other agent of such. Research has shown that people who are overweight often develop skin tags and such skin tags may generate blood clots when twisted for a long time. This can make it painful.


Skin tags are permanent on the skin and unless you do something to remove them, you will definitely have them on your body throughout your lifetime. Even though skin tags are permanent they are not cancerous in any way. As a matter of fact, skin tags do not grow again after they are removed. They can be cut off through home remedial methods or through advanced surgical methods. Skin tags can also be made to fall off by simply cutting off blood and moisture supply to them or they can be frozen to death through a method known as cryosurgery.


Many people who develop multiple skin tags will need to undergo several surgical procedures especially when the tags do not appear at one location. Skin tags are not cancerous by any means and they can be easily removed by the individual or by medical personnel.

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