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Skin tags are protruding pieces of skin that occur in certain areas of the body. They are mostly known to occur in areas where there is friction between two parts of skin such as eyelids. Although they present no health risks, people find them ugly and as a result look for ways in which they can remove them.

According to doctors, skin tags occur in all people regardless of whether they are young or old, male or female. Older people, diabetes patients, pregnant women, and overweight people are however more affected by skin tags. Doctors would not usually recommend that skin tags be removed since they do not pose any danger to the health of a person. As a result people remove them for cosmetic reasons and due to irritation. Skin tags may sometimes occur in areas where they frequently rub against clothing and jewelry causing a lot of irritation to a person. Skin tags on the faces of men can affect shaving which is a reason why they are removed.

There are many techniques used to remove skin tags such as surgical excision and freezing. Many people prefer to go to the hospital to have their skin tags removed. It is sometimes very embarrassing to go to a doctor since skin tags can develop in sensitive areas such as the genital region. In order to avoid the embarrassment, some people decide to remove the skin tags at home. One method in particular has become very popular for use in removing skin tags, especially at home. This is the use of nail polish to remove the skin protrusions.

The process of using nail polish to remove skin tags is very rudimentary but it has been found to be an effective solution to this condition. The procedure of using nail polish to remove skin tags is very simple. All that a person needs to do is to apply nail polish on the skin tag and allow the nail polish to dry completely. After the nail polish has been on the skin tag for some time, the skin tag begins to wither away. Application of nail polish should be repeated about three times each day since the nail polish comes off. The skin tag shrinks slowly over a period of a few weeks. In about three to four weeks, the skin tag disappears completely. This method is not the fastest way to remove skin tags but the important point is that it works and is also quite cheap.

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Skin tags are simply pieces of protruding skin that are not cancerous. It is therefore safe to remove them or to let them stay. There are many ways to remove skin tags at home. A person can also get them removed at a hospital. Before removing skin tags at home, a person should be sure that they are not made of malignant tissue. If a tissue is malignant, it grows rapidly and consistently changes shape and color. If a supposed skin tag behaves like this, medical attention should be sought.

One method of naturally removing skin tags is using tea tree oil. The oil is well known to remedy many conditions of the skin. The skin tag should first be washed and left to dry completely. After that a cotton ball is soaked in tea tree oil and applied on the skin tag. The process should be repeated two to three times daily. The skin tag shrinks gradually and disappears completely or falls off.

Another natural way to deal with skin tags is using castor oil. It should be mixed with baking soda and the paste applied on skin tags. This method works in the same way as using tea tree oil.

Another method that is widely practiced in homes is using nail polish. Nail polish is applied on the skin tag and left to dry. The polish eventually slips off and should be replaced when it does. It should be applied about three times daily for about a month. The skin tags shrinks slowly and eventually disappears.

Another method of skin tag removal is freezing. Using this method, skin tags are frozen within a matter of seconds which kills the cells in the tag. As a result, the tags eventually fall off as dead skin leaving the skin flat.

Sometimes skin tags can become quite large which makes ordinary removal techniques to take too long or be ineffective altogether. If this is the case, it is advisable to visit a doctor for a simple procedure that can have the tag off within a few minutes. One of the methods used by doctors is freezing. It is very fast and most of all it gets rid of skin tags.

Another method that is used when a skin tag has grown too big is laser surgery. This process takes a very short time and it is very accurate. A laser is used to cut the skin tag off and the process involves no downtime as a person waits for the area operated on to heal.

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Skin tags have no fatal medical conditions associated with them. These are just abnormal growths on the skin which are usually painless. The skin tags can cause a lot of discomfort especially when they have been rubbed against, by clothes or jewelry. Normally the skin tag would become sore and bruised at this time. Another setback caused by skin tags may be the cosmetic attractiveness. Skin tags may grow at places like the face making someone not looking very good. These are the reasons why skin tags should be removed at all costs.

There are many ways in which skin tags can be removed. The methods range from the ones done in hospitals to the home remedies which you can do by yourself without any special guidance from a medical practitioner. The methods used in the hospital by doctors to remove skin tags are quite complicated though they are also very effective. With these methods you can be assured to get instant results with minimal chances of the skin tag growing back again. The home treatment remedies usually take some time for the skin tag to be completely removed. There is also a risk of getting an infection if not well treated or sterilized. It is therefore of paramount importance that before you embark on home skin tag removal remedies, you visit a doctor so that he can advice on the best tools to use and the best way to go about the procedure.

Some of the home skin tag removal remedies involve the ligation process. This is a simple process that involves tying the skin tag at the base where there is contact with the other body skin. Blood supply to the skin tag is cut off making it to shrink gradually and disappear. Some slight pain might be experienced but one should take caution to observe whether the skin tag is dying off or simply getting inflamed which could lead to an infection.

Other home skin tag removal solutions would include substances like clear nail polish. What you need to do is to apply the nail polish on the skin tags at least twice a day. Repeat this daily until the skin tag falls. However caution must be taken so that the polish is not used in the groin and genital areas.  Alternative to this would be the pineapple, cider and vinegar juice. These three juice when applied on the skin tag cause it to shrink and fall off. This is the most popular and used by so many people.
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The appearance of skin tags is always different from what had been noticed in any other skin condition. This special appearance tends to give the skin condition a rather special place among several other skin conditions around. It appears like a lump on the skin. The lump is held in place by a stalk. This makes the skin tags looks like a plant of sort on the skin. The skin tags is common in that it can affect practically everybody. Skin tags come up more often as one grows old. It had however been discovered that the skin condition can come up in those who are young. Skin tags can occur on any part of the body whatsoever. It can get easily bruised and a bruised skin tags can get easily infected. Infected skin tags can lead to further complication on the affected person. This is why the skin condition should be removed as soon as possible. Some simple treatment methods that can be applied on the skin tags will be discussed below. You can actually apply them at home.

Do you need surgical removal?

You can pay a visit to the hospital to get the skin tags removed in case you do not like to apply any home made removal method to get rid of the skin condition. If you feel you have the financial muscle to bear the cost of the surgical removal, you can also make up your mind on the surgical removal of your skin tag. The skin tags removed this way can actually lead to the formation of spots on your skin. You need to keep that in mind as you are considering surgical removal.

Home remedies are better.

Instead of wasting your resources on surgical removal of the skin tag, you can always depend on some very common home remedies that will deal with the skin condition with any problem. You can sit at home and apply these methods without any problem of any kind.  You can tie string around the stalk of the skin tags and this will prevent blood and nutrient from flowing to the skin tag. With consistent application, the skin tags will be removed from your skin.


Depending on any home remedy for the removal of skin tags will surely not lead to the formation of spots on your skin. In case any spot comes up, there are also simple home remedies that can get rid of the spots.


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Skin tags do not in any way fit into the skin naturally. It is actually an eye sore. It gives the skin a rather rumpled look and anyone having it may find it difficult to present his or her skin in the public. It looks like some kind of tiny hanging skin. But generally, it is not harmless in any way. The skin condition can be common in some sets of people while some other set may not be predisposed to it. In case you have detected skin tags on your skin and you are already thinking of getting rid of it, this simple write up will educate you on how to get free from this skin condition.

Salicylic acid can help you out

The use of salicylic acid for the removal of skin tags does not produce result overnight. In actual fact, it may take months before the skin condition is removed from the skin. This means that you need to be patient when you are making use of this method for the removal of the skin condition. You can easily buy the salicylic acid at any of the drug stores around and you only need to apply it to the skin tags. You are sure to get better results if you first of all rub the tags with emery board before you apply the salicylic acid.

Duct tape can resolve things

It is also very possible to treat your skin tags with the use of duct tape. It had been discovered that this method can perform the same function as the salicylic acid mentioned above. You only need to place the duct tape around the hanging skin after rubbing with emery board. You need to change the duct tape every day and put on fresh one till the skin tag leaves the skin. Some people think this is a much weird method. But its weirdness does not matter as long as it helps to treat the skin condition.

You can use garlic

The use of garlic can also be very helpful in treating skin tags. Each night before you sleep, rub the garlic on the skin condition. Make sure that the garlic covers every inch of it. After this, cover the skin condition with a bandage. You should get positive result after applying this treatment method for some months. You will also need to repeat the process every night till the skin tag leaves your skin. This may however be somewhat painful; unlike the other method that had been mentioned above.

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Skin tag is so common today. Many of the older generations are having it. This is the reason why the skin condition is actually attributed to old age.  When the skin is also exposed to tension, it is possible for one to end up with this skin condition. Treating it at the hospital may be somewhat expensive. Many people do not even have the patient to wait on any doctor. They may also not fancy the idea of the doctor checking on very private parts of their bodies; especially if the form of Skin tag they are having is located in parts like the anus and the penis.

In case you belong to this group of people, you can always get your Skin tag treated at home. At least, you can get things over and done with without the knowledge of anyone. You can also get it done very cheaply; since many of the things you will need to treat the skin condition can be bought in many drugstores and utility stores.  The treatment of the Skin tag does not also require much stress.

Tie it up

In order to get rid of Skin tag from your skin, you may have to tie it up. When you do this, you are very sure that the tag will not be able to survive on your skin for long. Before you know what is happening, it will die off.  Look for a thread and tie it round the base of the tag. Leave it like this for some time.  When you tie it like this, blood supply will be cut off from the Skin tag.  The tag lives on the blood being supplied to it from your body. When its source of ‘livelihood’ is cut off, it begins to die and it is finally removed from your skin.

Cut it off

In order to get rid of the Skin tag, you can also decide to get the thing cut off. This seems to be the most painful method of dealing with the skin condition. It is also the fastest method. You only need to clip it off using a nail cutter or a scissors. The pain is also momentary and it will be over even before you begin to feel it.  It is however important that the scissors used for the Skin tag is sterile. If not, you may end up introducing infection into your system.

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Anal Skin Tag

There are several forms of skin deformities. Some are mild while others can lead to very disturbing consequences. One common thing about these skin problems is that they tend to disfigure the skin and make the owner look very ugly. One of such skin conditions is referred to as skin tag. This is one of the commonest kinds of skin conditions that we have around. It is so rampant to the extent that it can be found on various parts of the body. One of such places where we can come by this skin condition is the anal area.

How painful

Anal skin tag can be considerably painful. It is only those who are experiencing it that can actually understand how painful it can be. The skin condition looks like finger like projection and this has a way of protruding into the walls of the anal area. This protrusion can lead to pain. Each visit to the toilet too can be very harrowing for the person having it. If care is not taken, the skin tag can become bruised and this will give way to infection. This infection can then lead to other complications.

Medical condition

Anal skin tag needs to be watched carefully. It had been discovered to be linked to one form of health problem or the other. One of such is hemorrhoid. It can also come by as a result of injury to this anal area. When you notice it, you need to consult with your doctor; since its appearance may indicate the coming of more complicated anal problem. While other forms of skin tag may not really have such complication, this type really needs to be carefully taken care of so that the person having it will not end up with worse condition.

Simple removal methods

It is advisable for you to visit the hospital any time you notice skin tag on your anal area. But in case the skin condition is very small, there are things you can do to get rid of it. The small anal tag can be excised from the skin; this must not be done until an anesthesia had been injected into the area.

In case the skin tag is large, the above method may not be sufficient to get it removed. At times like this, surgery is needed. The use of general anesthesia also becomes unavoidable in this kind of situation.

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Skin tags are benign hanging skins on the skin that have no symptoms and only become irritating when they are rubbed off by clothing or jewelry. They appear on parts of the skin where skin rubs on skin like in the eyelids, under the breast, the groin, the upper chest and the neck.


Skin tags are of no harm to health hence it is not a must to look for a remedy for skin tags. The only reason to look for a skin tags remedy is for cosmetic reasons.


There are several things that can be used to serve as remedy for skin tags. One of them is apple cider vinegar. This is used by simply applying the solution on the tags and let it dry there. Do this twice a day and in two weeks you will begin seeing good results.


Duct tape is also another remedy for skin tags. You simply cut off a piece of duct tape and cover the tag with the tape. After sometime, the tape will start loosening and this can be an indication that the tag is starting to fall off. If this does not happen, just put on a new tape and repeat the process until the tags successfully fall off.



Nail polish is used for cosmetic purposes to make the nails look awesome but it is important to note that this can also be a remedy for skin tags. Nail polish is applied to the tags twice a day. The tag is to be covered completely by the polish and when it starts to dry out, it will shrink the tag. After 2 weeks, the tags will disappear.


The mixture of baking soda and castor oil is also a remedy for skin tags. These two are mixed together to create the remedy. Just mix the two until you create a paste. You can mix the two in the ratio 1:1. This paste is then applied to the tags at least thrice a day until the time the tags dry u and fall off by themselves.


Dermisil is a tropical treatment used to get rid of skin tags. This makes it another remedy for skin tags. Dermisil is an herbal extract that attacks which only attacks the tissues of the tags and not the skin around them.


In conclusion, most of these substances used as a remedy for skin tags require patience but the good news is hat they are effective.


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If you are one of those people asking how can I remove skin tags, there are various home remedies that can be very effective. It is easy to get advice on how can I remove skin tags especially on the internet and most of the methods that are offered have been tried by different individuals but you need to find a unique method that works for your type of skin.


One of the options you will get when you carry out research on how can I remove skin tags, is the use of dandelion juice. The juice is derived from the roots and it is an effective treatment if you have these growths. You need to apply the juice on a regular basis for a few weeks to get results. Once the treatment starts to work, you will notice that the growth has reduced in size.


Another option that is available if you want to know how can I remove skin tags is the use of aspirin. For this option, you need to dissolve some aspirin in water and then apply the mixture on the growths. This should be done repeatedly until the growth has decreased. The growth will disappear after some time. This is a popular treatment and is widely offered when you ask how can I remove skin tags.


If you are concerned about how can I remove skin tags, baking soda is also a good option. The baking soda should be mixed with some water to make a paste. Use the paste on your growths and they will help to get rid of them. To make the treatment more effective, you can add some castor oil to the paste.


A potato is another effective option if you want to know how can I remove skin tags. Potatoes have some curative properties and it is a great choice if you have these growths. Get a fresh potato and cut a piece from it. Place the piece of potato on the affected area and then use a bandage over it. The growth will fall off after a while.

Vinegar is another option that you can take advantage of if you are concerned about how can I remove skin tags. You can apply vinegar on the area daily and leave it one for a few hours before you wipe it off. This is a good way to get rid of the growth without invasive treatments.

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If you allow skin tags to pop up continuously, they can really embarrass you. It is also irritating to make frequent journeys to your physician to get these skin growths off your body. This is because this act of visiting physicians every time these skin growths pop up can be time and money consuming. Therefore, it is advisable to practice skin tags removal at home where you can comfortably eliminate them without making any move to see a doctor. There are various ways you can do in order to succeed in the skin tags removal at home process. When performing these actions, do not forget your doctor. This is because you can realise some infection in the area where you removed a skin tag and only your doctor can deal with such a complication.

In order to succeed in skin tags removal at home, you are expected to identify the skin growths first. Ensure that you are dealing with skin tags but not any other kind of skin disease. Many people can really confuse and do a lot of damage without their knowledge. To identify a skin tag, you have to look at certain features that this skin growth possesses. It is small and grows very slowly. It never reaches a size greater than half an inch and is attached to the skin by a stalk. It is rounded in shape and is soft and movable. After identifying it, you can then continue with removing skin tags at home.

You can use the tie and snip method of skin tags removal at home. This method is very effective only if you are dealing with skin tags but not any other complication. You are expected to tie a thread tightly around the bottom part of the skin tag. Pick a pair of scissors and cut off the skin tag above the tied position. After this, ensure that you clean the cut with peroxide or any other antibacterial in order to keep it clean. This skin tags home removal procedure is actually painless. Suppose a sin tag appears again on where it was previously removed, seek medical attention.

Another skin tag removal process is by use of drying paste. You are expected to create a mixture of castor oil and baking soda to form a thick paste to be applied to the skin tags. This skin tags removal at home procedure is actually very effective. This is simply because on continuous application of the paste for two weeks, the skin tags will dry up and eventually disappear.

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