How to Remove Skin Tags With Nail Polish

Skin tags are protruding pieces of skin that occur in certain areas of the body. They are mostly known to occur in areas where there is friction between two parts of skin such as eyelids. Although they present no health risks, people find them ugly and as a result look for ways in which they can remove them.

According to doctors, skin tags occur in all people regardless of whether they are young or old, male or female. Older people, diabetes patients, pregnant women, and overweight people are however more affected by skin tags. Doctors would not usually recommend that skin tags be removed since they do not pose any danger to the health of a person. As a result people remove them for cosmetic reasons and due to irritation. Skin tags may sometimes occur in areas where they frequently rub against clothing and jewelry causing a lot of irritation to a person. Skin tags on the faces of men can affect shaving which is a reason why they are removed.

There are many techniques used to remove skin tags such as surgical excision and freezing. Many people prefer to go to the hospital to have their skin tags removed. It is sometimes very embarrassing to go to a doctor since skin tags can develop in sensitive areas such as the genital region. In order to avoid the embarrassment, some people decide to remove the skin tags at home. One method in particular has become very popular for use in removing skin tags, especially at home. This is the use of nail polish to remove the skin protrusions.

The process of using nail polish to remove skin tags is very rudimentary but it has been found to be an effective solution to this condition. The procedure of using nail polish to remove skin tags is very simple. All that a person needs to do is to apply nail polish on the skin tag and allow the nail polish to dry completely. After the nail polish has been on the skin tag for some time, the skin tag begins to wither away. Application of nail polish should be repeated about three times each day since the nail polish comes off. The skin tag shrinks slowly over a period of a few weeks. In about three to four weeks, the skin tag disappears completely. This method is not the fastest way to remove skin tags but the important point is that it works and is also quite cheap.

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