Effective Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are simply pieces of protruding skin that are not cancerous. It is therefore safe to remove them or to let them stay. There are many ways to remove skin tags at home. A person can also get them removed at a hospital. Before removing skin tags at home, a person should be sure that they are not made of malignant tissue. If a tissue is malignant, it grows rapidly and consistently changes shape and color. If a supposed skin tag behaves like this, medical attention should be sought.

One method of naturally removing skin tags is using tea tree oil. The oil is well known to remedy many conditions of the skin. The skin tag should first be washed and left to dry completely. After that a cotton ball is soaked in tea tree oil and applied on the skin tag. The process should be repeated two to three times daily. The skin tag shrinks gradually and disappears completely or falls off.

Another natural way to deal with skin tags is using castor oil. It should be mixed with baking soda and the paste applied on skin tags. This method works in the same way as using tea tree oil.

Another method that is widely practiced in homes is using nail polish. Nail polish is applied on the skin tag and left to dry. The polish eventually slips off and should be replaced when it does. It should be applied about three times daily for about a month. The skin tags shrinks slowly and eventually disappears.

Another method of skin tag removal is freezing. Using this method, skin tags are frozen within a matter of seconds which kills the cells in the tag. As a result, the tags eventually fall off as dead skin leaving the skin flat.

Sometimes skin tags can become quite large which makes ordinary removal techniques to take too long or be ineffective altogether. If this is the case, it is advisable to visit a doctor for a simple procedure that can have the tag off within a few minutes. One of the methods used by doctors is freezing. It is very fast and most of all it gets rid of skin tags.

Another method that is used when a skin tag has grown too big is laser surgery. This process takes a very short time and it is very accurate. A laser is used to cut the skin tag off and the process involves no downtime as a person waits for the area operated on to heal.

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