Skin Tag Home Treatment

Skin tag is so common today. Many of the older generations are having it. This is the reason why the skin condition is actually attributed to old age.  When the skin is also exposed to tension, it is possible for one to end up with this skin condition. Treating it at the hospital may be somewhat expensive. Many people do not even have the patient to wait on any doctor. They may also not fancy the idea of the doctor checking on very private parts of their bodies; especially if the form of Skin tag they are having is located in parts like the anus and the penis.

In case you belong to this group of people, you can always get your Skin tag treated at home. At least, you can get things over and done with without the knowledge of anyone. You can also get it done very cheaply; since many of the things you will need to treat the skin condition can be bought in many drugstores and utility stores.  The treatment of the Skin tag does not also require much stress.

Tie it up

In order to get rid of Skin tag from your skin, you may have to tie it up. When you do this, you are very sure that the tag will not be able to survive on your skin for long. Before you know what is happening, it will die off.  Look for a thread and tie it round the base of the tag. Leave it like this for some time.  When you tie it like this, blood supply will be cut off from the Skin tag.  The tag lives on the blood being supplied to it from your body. When its source of ‘livelihood’ is cut off, it begins to die and it is finally removed from your skin.

Cut it off

In order to get rid of the Skin tag, you can also decide to get the thing cut off. This seems to be the most painful method of dealing with the skin condition. It is also the fastest method. You only need to clip it off using a nail cutter or a scissors. The pain is also momentary and it will be over even before you begin to feel it.  It is however important that the scissors used for the Skin tag is sterile. If not, you may end up introducing infection into your system.

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