Skin Tag On Penis

Skin tag  can actually appear on many parts of the body. Over time, it had even been discovered that there is no part of the body that can’t be affected by it. Talk about the face, the chest and even the penis; you can find the skin condition right there.  One thing about this skin condition is that it does not have any health implication. Because of this, you may not even worry when you notice it. But in case the skin tag is putting your girlfriend off, then that is a different ball game entirely.

When does it appear?

Researches had been conducted into the existence of skin tag and it had been discovered that this skin condition normally appear as one grows older. It usually looks like a finger like projection on the skin and it can be very horrible to behold. It can appear on the penis since the penis does not undergo much tension; the skin condition had been discovered to be common in areas of the body where much tension is not felt. It does not only affect the penis, but skin tag can also affect the scrotum to a large extent.

Its Implication

It is true that skin tag does not have any health implication on those who have it. But over time, it had been discovered that it can be very painful to the person having it especially during love making. It can get bruised through this mechanical movement and when the person having it put on any tight fitting pant or trousers. Due to the bruises that occur on it, the skin tag can end up becoming infected.  Do not forget also that the penis and scrotum are located in very moist environment. This environment also aids such infection.


Several treatment methods had been developed to get rid of skin tag from the body. You can tie a thread at the base of the skin condition and this will stop blood and nutrient supply to the area. When this happens, the skin condition will wither away and die. You can then be sure that the skin surface will be free from it.


Some topical creams had also been developed for the complete treatment of skin tag. It is possible to come by these creams over the counter. Consistent application will ensure total cure from this rather offensive skin condition.

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