Skin Tags Home Remedy

Skin tags have no fatal medical conditions associated with them. These are just abnormal growths on the skin which are usually painless. The skin tags can cause a lot of discomfort especially when they have been rubbed against, by clothes or jewelry. Normally the skin tag would become sore and bruised at this time. Another setback caused by skin tags may be the cosmetic attractiveness. Skin tags may grow at places like the face making someone not looking very good. These are the reasons why skin tags should be removed at all costs.

There are many ways in which skin tags can be removed. The methods range from the ones done in hospitals to the home remedies which you can do by yourself without any special guidance from a medical practitioner. The methods used in the hospital by doctors to remove skin tags are quite complicated though they are also very effective. With these methods you can be assured to get instant results with minimal chances of the skin tag growing back again. The home treatment remedies usually take some time for the skin tag to be completely removed. There is also a risk of getting an infection if not well treated or sterilized. It is therefore of paramount importance that before you embark on home skin tag removal remedies, you visit a doctor so that he can advice on the best tools to use and the best way to go about the procedure.

Some of the home skin tag removal remedies involve the ligation process. This is a simple process that involves tying the skin tag at the base where there is contact with the other body skin. Blood supply to the skin tag is cut off making it to shrink gradually and disappear. Some slight pain might be experienced but one should take caution to observe whether the skin tag is dying off or simply getting inflamed which could lead to an infection.

Other home skin tag removal solutions would include substances like clear nail polish. What you need to do is to apply the nail polish on the skin tags at least twice a day. Repeat this daily until the skin tag falls. However caution must be taken so that the polish is not used in the groin and genital areas.  Alternative to this would be the pineapple, cider and vinegar juice. These three juice when applied on the skin tag cause it to shrink and fall off. This is the most popular and used by so many people.

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