Home Remedy For Skin Tags

Skin tags are a major disturbance especially when it comes to one’s physical appearance. Skin tags normally appear on folded skin as well as other parts of the body such as groin and face. Skin tags are not just disturbing cosmetically, but can also be painful when interfered with. Sometimes our clothes may rub against the skin tag making it sore and painful. Though skin tags are a normal occurrence to majority of the people, most people opt to have them cut off because of the shortcomings mentioned above.

Skin tags do not have any complications associated with them and that is why they can be removed easily. The good thing is that; they are noncancerous and heal fast once cut. Though at times during the removal process, the skin tags might get infected, chances of this occurring are minimal as long as you have followed the right procedure.

Skin tags home removal remedies are quite a number and simple to carry out. One thing that you should note when using these home removal methods; is that patience is needed, as these procedures normally take some time to eliminate the skin tag as compared to the other surgical methods carried out in hospitals. Normally with the home remedies, it would take a period of between one week and four weeks depending on the specific method used. But all in all the objective is the same and finally the skin tag will come off.

Some examples of the home skin removal remedies include tag tying. Here you need a thread or even a dental floss will do. You would also need antibiotic soap to clean up the area once the skin tag has been removed. What is supposed to be done is that you tie the skin tag at its base so that there is no blood flow to it. Once the supply of blood has been cut of, the skin tag will slowly shrink and disappear. However, with this method, some pain might be experienced as well as some swelling which may be sore.

Other methods to be used at home could be applying nail polish. This also kills that skin tag gradually with no pain at all. Baking soda and castor oil may be an alternative to this. A combination of baking soda and castor oil applied on the skin tag will make it to dry and fall off eventually. The other and most popular method is the use of pineapple cider and ginger juices. These three provide a perfect solution in eliminating the skin tags.

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