Cheap Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags have a lot effects on a person’s body especially when it comes to beauty. Skin tags might appear on awkward areas like the face, neck or below the eyelids making you look rather odd. However skin tags do not cause any harm to your health. There are a number of cheap skin tag removal procedures that can be carried out at home without any special guidance from medical personnel. With these procedures you will be able to avoid expensive trips to the hospital.

One simple way to get rid of skin tags is by use of nail clippers. With these tools you can easily cut off the skin tag and get instant results. However caution must be taken when using this method. First of all before you start the operation one must be ready to face the excruciating pain that will follow after cutting the skin tag. Another risk might be excessive bleeding which could be fatal if not well taken care off. Still on this method, there might be a big risk of the cut area being infected. This method is only advisable when you are cutting off small pieces of skin rather than skin tags that have grown very long.

Another safe method would be the use of finger nail polish. This method is painless and completely cheap. All you need to have is finger nail polish. You then apply the finger nail polish on the skin tag two to three times a day and in no time the skin tag would have fallen off. You just have to be consistent and persistent with this method. To some people it may take some time before the skin tag falls off but to other people the skin tag may fall off very quickly. All in all, whatever the case you should not give up but continue applying the finger nail polish until the skin tag falls off.

Another option which is also very effective is to use a natural herbal extract known as Dermisil. This is purely natural and works very well however big the skin tag might be. The natural herb is extracted from Melaleuca Alternifolia, Ricinus communis and thuja occidentalis. These are three plants that are known to have anti-viral properties. The treatment is also easy and the procedures easy to follow. All you need to do is to wash the affected area and apply Dermisil at least thrice a day.

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