Tying Off A Skin Tag

Acrochordons or a skin tag as they are commonly referred to are skin elongations or skin growths that normally appear on the folds of skin. The most notorious areas for skin tags to appear are on the armpits, neck and below the eyelids. From a dermatologist’s point of view this is just a benign, meaning that it is nothing harmful but just an abnormal skin growth.

Research shows that there is no special cause of skin tags. They are neither hereditary nor gender oriented, meaning that they appear on both men and women a like. However, people who are obese tend to exhibit or grow skin tags more than the other people who are healthy.

Skin tags can be very irritating especially when they occur in areas that have a lot of friction or areas that require to be shaved. Whether you have skin tags or not there is no need to worry because there is one very easy way of removing skin tags. Tying off the skin will simply remove the skin tag with no complication and the procedure is easy to go about. Tying off the skin will disrupt the follow of blood into the skin tag making it to shrink and die off after some time.

The steps followed when tying off the skin tag are as specified below: first of all clean the area where the skin tag has grown with warm water and antibacterial soap. You can wipe it to dryness using alcohol to prevent infection. You then cut a sizable length of thread and then lift the tag away from your body skin and tie it round tight enough so that it does not slip off. After this you will be nearly done as the remaining part is only to manage the skin tag until it shrinks away. You should apply antibiotic jelly or ointment everyday in the morning and evening so that the skin tag is not infected. Though some people might put bandage, it is really not necessary to put bandage on the skin tag.

The only way for one to know whether there has been a complete cut of blood supply on the skin is by monitoring the changes in skin color of the skin tag. The color should change from red to purple then finally to black. Another sign might be some minor swelling. Normally the skin tag should die and fall off after 4 days but the range of between 4 to 7 days is acceptable. Another behavior contrary to what is described above will force you to see a doctor since complications might have developed.

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