Over The Counter Skin Tags Treatment

The epidermis part of the skin might at times experience abnormal growths leaving you with what is known as skin tags. It has a variety of names especially when it comes to the medical field. The doctor or physician might refer to it as acrochordon, fibro epithelial polyp or cutaneous skin tag. Skin tags grow from the main skin outwards and have a stalk to help them grow. The color resembles your skin color and they appear on the folds of skins such as neck, armpits, groin, face and even the breast areas. They are a normal occurrence in about half the total population but seen to be more rampant on obese people and people who have diabetic conditions.

The exact cause of skin tags is not clearly known, but they are believed to be caused by friction on the areas that experience a lot of friction and sometimes they are just abnormal growths that can occur anywhere. When the skin tags are rubbed and bruised or cut by shaving blades they bleed and become very painful thus prompting one to remove the skin tags. However removing the skin tags should not give you a headache as there are many over the counter methods that will help you remove the skin tags.

Skin tag removal can be done in a hospital using professional help or you can carry out the procedures at home. The first and simplest way to go about it is by buying a sterilized scissor. Use the sterilized scissor to cut off the skin tag. The results are immediate but you should be careful not to cut large pieces of skin as this will cause bleeding. Another method could be using a thread to tie off the skin tag until it dies and falls off.

Over the years, vitamin E has proved to be a vital ingredient to treating skin tags. What you need to do is to open a capsule of vitamin E then mix with garlic and apply it on the skin tag. You can cover the area with bandage and be sure the skin tag will fall off after some days. An alternative option to this will be freezing the skin tag. All you need is a special kind of product from the pharmacy that shields the skin tag. It has a solution indicator which is normally in the form of liquid nitrogen that makes the skin tag fall off after some time.

The other easy skin tag removal method would be to apply apple, cider and vinegar juices to the skin tag after you have washed the area with water and antiseptic soap. With all the above options there is no reason as to why your skin should not remain smooth and blemish less.

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