Skin Tags Ligation

Skin tags are nothing really to worry about. Normally skin tags are just pieces of skin on various parts of the body that are harmless and thus require no treatment. However these skin tags might appear on some parts of the body that might compromise on the beauty of a person. Due to this, most people prefer to remove skin tags because of the cosmetic value. Once removed, the skin remains very smooth and vibrant once again.

It is not only for cosmetic reasons that warrant the removal of skin tags. There might be other reasons that compel somebody to remove the skin tags. These reasons include discomfort caused by the skin tags once they come into contact with clothes or even jewelry at sometimes. Repeated rubbing of the skin tag to the cloth will cause the skin tag to get bruised and start to itch. The skin tag will constantly be having bruises that are very uncomfortable.

Another reason that might make one want to remove skin tags is when they change color contrary to the skin color. It is common for the skin tag at times to change color and shape. This is not just a normal occurrence and may indicate something deeper than just damaging your appearance. Mostly change in color indicates an infection to the skin. This results to a health risk and thus it becomes mandatory for the skin tag to be removed.

Skin tag removal is not a very complex process as there are several ways in which it can be done. It is all about the patient’s decision to choose from the many ways in which skin tags can be removed. These many skin tag removal procedures include ligation, cryotherapy and cauterizing. The patient will decide to choose on these methods but here we shall focus on the ligation method of skin tag removal.

Ligation as the name suggests, is simply cutting off something by means of a clip.  A good example would be how the placenta of a mother and baby is cut off. Here the skin tag is tied tightly so that there is no more blood flow to and out of it. Once the blood supply has been cut off the skin tag will slowly whether out and finally fall of like a dry piece of skin. The method is effective and has no effect on to the surrounding cells. Though there might be minimal pain involved, ligation is recommended since it is safe and easy to do.


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