Remedy For Skin Tags

Skin tags are benign hanging skins on the skin that have no symptoms and only become irritating when they are rubbed off by clothing or jewelry. They appear on parts of the skin where skin rubs on skin like in the eyelids, under the breast, the groin, the upper chest and the neck.


Skin tags are of no harm to health hence it is not a must to look for a remedy for skin tags. The only reason to look for a skin tags remedy is for cosmetic reasons.


There are several things that can be used to serve as remedy for skin tags. One of them is apple cider vinegar. This is used by simply applying the solution on the tags and let it dry there. Do this twice a day and in two weeks you will begin seeing good results.


Duct tape is also another remedy for skin tags. You simply cut off a piece of duct tape and cover the tag with the tape. After sometime, the tape will start loosening and this can be an indication that the tag is starting to fall off. If this does not happen, just put on a new tape and repeat the process until the tags successfully fall off.



Nail polish is used for cosmetic purposes to make the nails look awesome but it is important to note that this can also be a remedy for skin tags. Nail polish is applied to the tags twice a day. The tag is to be covered completely by the polish and when it starts to dry out, it will shrink the tag. After 2 weeks, the tags will disappear.


The mixture of baking soda and castor oil is also a remedy for skin tags. These two are mixed together to create the remedy. Just mix the two until you create a paste. You can mix the two in the ratio 1:1. This paste is then applied to the tags at least thrice a day until the time the tags dry u and fall off by themselves.


Dermisil is a tropical treatment used to get rid of skin tags. This makes it another remedy for skin tags. Dermisil is an herbal extract that attacks which only attacks the tissues of the tags and not the skin around them.


In conclusion, most of these substances used as a remedy for skin tags require patience but the good news is hat they are effective.


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