Brown Skin Tags

Brown skin tags are a small part of the skin hanging from our regular skin. This is generally painless and of very small size. The size can vary from 1 mm to 10 mm. The color of a skin tag is dark brown in most cases, thus the name brown skin tag. Acrochordon is another name given to a brown skin tag. Although harmless in nature, brown skin tag appears to be unattractive on the face. This also may interfere while shaving your chin.

Fortunately you do not need to bear this unwanted part and there are many methods available to remove this off your normal skin. One can remove brown skin tag without incurring much cost by visiting a doctor. The range of cost varies from $100 to $250 depending upon the size and number of brown skin tags. Cauterization is one such process of removing a brown skin tag. Here, the skin tag is simply burned off using electrolysis equipment.

This procedure is painless and removes skin tags in a quick way but can be expensive if the size of brown skin tag is significantly large. Blocking the blood supply to specific areas is known as ligation. Brown skin tag slowly dies after the blood supply is blocked. Skin tag falls off after getting dry without any blood supply to it. This is a bit uncomfortable and time taking method. Cryotherapy is a procedure where the brown skin tag is frozen. By this way, the tag is dries up and may disappear in few days.

Mole Vs skin Tag

Both mole and brown skin tag are normally not experienced by many people in their lives. These are harmless and removable with the help of a health care professional. A skin tag can vary in color from flesh toned to brown. Skin tags rarely pose any kind of health risk other than temporary irritation or snagging. On the other side mole is a growth over the skin. A mole is a black, brown or flesh toned in color.

These can appear anywhere on the body part and can also disappear or change over time. Moles are those skin cells which grow as a cluster in small part rather than spreading over the surface. Both mole and brown skin tag generally pose no serious concern about your health, but one should keep checking these parts for any significant changes. You also can get these checked once in a year from your doctor in order to avoid any kind of related issues.

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