Perianal Skin Tags

Perianal skin tags occur at the entrance of the anus. They are flaps or skin extensions and they are common in both children and adults. The good thing with these skin tags is that they do not indicate the presence of any illness. Since they are located in a very sensitive part of the body, they can actually be confused with other infections which occur around the Perianal. Such complications may include Perianal warts or haemorrhoids which still need treatment. It is worth to note that Perianal skin tags are not cancerous and cannot turn cancerous however long they affect you. Research indicates that the major causes of these skin growths are trauma, injury or inflammation.

There are several steps involved in the treatment of Perianal skin tags. Bear in mind that these skin growths occur in private and sensitive part of the body and thus they need a physician. Before visiting the physician, try to identify how troublesome these skin tags are to you. If at all it is something you have stayed with for years and have never posed any trouble to you, it is advisable to leave them alone and continue with your pain free life. Suppose you encounter frequent itching and pain due to these Perianal skin tags, then you can comfortably proceed with the necessary treatment.

You can proceed and see a physician for Perianal skin tags treatment. Note that Perianal region is very sensitive and many people fear to see it. The only person who can have a look at it is only an expert in skin tag treatment. The physician will actually evaluate the skin tag carefully to ensure that it is a real one not any other skin growth. A thorough examination around the anus will be performed by the physician in order to make sure that it is the real Perianal skin tags causing trouble to you. After the physician locates the skin tags, he will request you to suggest the method of treatment you want. This is because there are several ways of doing away with these skin tags.

The different modes of treating Perianal skin tags include; taking them off using a scalpel, chemical removal, using freezing agent and many more. After all is done and get Perianal skin tags eliminated from your body, try to take care of the wound left. This is because the process may have caused pain to the underneath tissue. Try to apply antibiotic to the wound and avoid scratching.

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