Skin Tags & Eyes

Scientifically referred to as acrochordons, skin tags are small growths that occur on different parts of the body. They are considered non cancerous and may be as small as 1mm or as large as 1.30cm in size. Skin tags on the eyes are common and this is may be as a result of the skin crease above the eye lid rubbing against each other or due to an eye irritation resulting to constant rubbing of the eye. The face is the focal point of every individual and as such, skin tags around the eyes may make one quite uncomfortable due to their presence. Furthermore, skin tags on eyes can be regarded a ghastly sight by some people and as such, there are various treatment methods that can be used to help eliminate skin tags on the eyes without causing harm.

Some of the skin tag treatments are home induced. However, it is important to note that skin tags on the eyes is a sensitive area and as such, it is advisable to seek medical advice before carrying out any treatment method. Based on where the skin tags are located on the eye, different care methods may be necessary. One of the commonly practiced home skin tags treatments is clipping the skin tag off. Again, based on the location of the skin tag, if it is not close to the eye, you can use a string to tie the base of the skin tag and a pair of sterilized nail clippers to cut off the skin tag. Be sure to thoroughly clean and medicate the area after getting rid of the skin tag.

Another plausible home skin tags remedy suitable for around the eyes is use of castor oil and baking soda. Mix the ingredients and apply the concoction on the skin tag. This is an especially good treatment as it reduces chances of further damage to the eye. Within a couple of weeks, the skin tag should dry off and disappear. Over the counter skin tag removal creams can also be administered to help get rid of the infection.

Skin tags treatments carried out by an eye specialist, are probably the safest way to go. Some of the remedies that may be carried out include freezing which is done using liquid nitrogen, whereby the skin tag is frozen and it eventually falls off. This method is safe and simple but it is important that a medical practitioner carry it out. Surgery is another procedure that may be carried out and in some skin tags & eyes cases, the growth may be too large that it may call for removal through this process.

Depending on your skin tags & eyes condition, consult a doctor to find out what cure is best suited to your case.


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