Skin Tags From Hemorrhoids

To be able to differentiate skin tags from hemorrhoids, let’s first understand what each infection involves and what brings it about. Skin tags are soft protruding growths that occur on various parts of the body, especially under the arms, on the eyelids, under women’s breasts and on the neck. These growths are non cancerous and harmless and in most instances are not painful. Hemorrhoids, otherwise known as piles, are inflammations or swellings that occur around or within the anal region and are painful. One acute difference of skin tags from hemorrhoids is that skin tags do not necessarily need to be treated as they are not harmful, whereas hemorrhoids require immediate treatment.

In some cases, it can be tricky to tell skin tags from hemorrhoids especially if you have skin tags around the anal area and are not aware of the dissimilarity. Moreover, some of the causes in both diseases are similar such as obesity, genetics and pregnancy. Nonetheless, you can tell skin tags from hemorrhoids through a regular medical checkup where a health practitioner can help differentiate the two for you.

It is also important to note that the symptoms vary and that is another way one can possibly differential skin tags from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids tend to be painful and in most instances they bleed. Skin tags are painless and do not ooze blood. Another symptom to note that can clarify or distinguish skin tags from hemorrhoids is a constant need to itch and irritation around the anal region. One may also have problems sitting as well as experience a lot of discomfort. Whereas skin tags are loose and soft, hemorrhoids are lumpy and sore. Another notable symptom that may tell skin tags from hemorrhoids is accidental seeping out of feces.

Besides the earlier mentioned causes of the diseases, there are additional causes that can help make a distinction of skin tags from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids may come about as a result of anal intercourse, poor bowel movement or persistent constipation and diarrhea.

In certain cases after treatment, hemorrhoids diminish and become skin tags. In such a situation, to tell skin tags from hemorrhoids may be obscure, especially because there is still presence of a growth. Nonetheless, lack of pain and bleeding may be a sign of the presence of skin tags from hemorrhoids.

To identify skin tags from hemorrhoids is trying and without the right information at hand, it is close to impossible. Moreover, because of the health scare that hemorrhoids pose, it is prudent to seek immediate medical assistance to get necessary treatment. Furthermore, such a consultation will definitely enable one to distinguish skin tags from hemorrhoids and to be able to identify the ailment.

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