Skin Tags Causes

When considering the causes of skin tags, we should bear in mind that the condition is not cancerous. They might look gross but the fact is that they are not cancerous even if they develop for a long time. They can easily and quickly be removed either through using home remedies or seeking medical attention. Treatment of ags especially surgery, may be expensive and thus many people adapt the home remedies which are inexpensive. It is also painful to undergo the skin tags surgery and may result to serious wounds. In order to know the best treatment method to apply to your tags, you have to understand first, the causes of in your body.

Skin tags causes include one of the issues on skin tags that have challenged many doctors and health professionals worldwide. Up to now, the skin tags causes have not yet been identified. There is a belief that genetics plays a major role in the occurrence of skin tags. This is because these skin growths are carried on from generation to generation. There is every indication that one can get affected if one or both of his parents have skin tags. Therefore, there is evidence on inheritance of skin tags. We also realise that some children are born with these skin growths although it is a rare complication to occur in children.

It is worth to note that cause of skin tags are attributed to the skin tags age. These complications usually start to occur in the middle age and can cluster most parts of your body. Medical research indicates that 60% of people over 70 years of age have these skin tags and are looking for effective ways on how to eliminate them. Remember that skin tags occurs in places where there are skin folds and that is why they are common to old people since their skin have creases and folds. Therefore, we can say age is one of the causes of skin tags in old people.

We also note that obesity is linked to skin tags causes. If you are overweight, there is a possibility of getting skin tags. Therefore, avoid the diet that can lead to obesity and you will free yourself from skin tags. It is also true that friction and irritation are one of the major causes for skin tags. This is evidenced by skin tags developing around the neck, armpits, genitals, underneath breasts, since there is friction in these body parts.

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