The Cause Of Skin Tags

We define skin tags as  small, soft hanging skin which has a stalk to attach itself firmly to the skin. Skin tags can occur in every part of the body especially those parts with skin rubbing against skin. Such areas include; eyelids, armpits, under the breasts, upper chest and around the neck. The cause  has not yet been well identified but there is a belief that skin tags may be cause by constant irritation. Places where this condition occurs are actually sensitive and experience constant friction which may be the cause of skin tags.

Therefore, we can classify irritation as the major cause of skin tags, alongside other causes. We realise that skin tags are partly caused by heredity. This has been evidenced by families with more than five members having these skin growths. This means that one or both of the parents in such families had the condition and thus the gene is carried on to generations. Overweight people are also likely to have skin tags. This is simply because they have more skin folds and creases which lead to skin tags. Another cause of skin tags could be diabetes.  People with diabetes complications are prone to getting a skin tag and simply because their bodies tend to have folded skin. Skin tags affect old people simply because of the many creases on their bodies. As one gets older, the body develops creases which expose him or her to the risk of skin tags.

Pregnancy is also a cause of skin tags. This is because pregnant women secrete a lot of hormones which trigger the development of skin tags on the skin. Pregnant women are also likely to develop skin folds as the belly expends thus high chances of getting skin tags. The report from dermatologists reveals that the chances of developing skin tags in men and women are equal. Therefore, it will depend on your skin exposure to creases and folds. The human papilloma virus can be a cause of skin tags as evidenced by people who are the carriers of this virus. Illegal steroid use can also lead to skin tags simply because they tend to interfere with the body muscles which cause collagen fibres.

It is possible to develop a skin tag and fail to notice the cause of skin tags on your skin. This is because some skin tags may be rubbed and fall off and you may wonder what really was the cause of skin tags which just disappeared without any medication. Therefore, you should think twice once you experience these skin tags, and find the major cause.


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