Warts Or Skin Tags?

Warts and skin tags are both skin conditions that affect many people. These two skin conditions seem similar to several people and this leaves them wondering whether they have a wart or skin tag. In order to know whether it iswart or skin tag, you need to note the difference between the two skin conditions.

Warts are benign tumors in the body. These tumors are little in size and can be irritating but not painful at all. Warts come in different shapes and colors. Some warts are in white clusters, others in red bumps that are little while others are flat and circular but bumpy. These can appear on any part of the body and also change in size.

Skin tags on the other hand are characterized by some sort of hanging skin that looks attached to the main skin. This skin condition is a common as warts and can be of the same color as the surrounding skin or darker.

From the information above, it is easy to know whether it is wart or skin tags. First of all, warts are cylindrical in shape while skin tags are irregular. Knowing that in skin tags the skin protrudes unlike in warts will also help you know whether it is wart or skin tags. Warts can be clustered while skin tags occur singly. Warts also come in different shades like pink, red and brown while skin tags are colored as the affected person’s skin color.

Another thing that will help you to know if it is wart or skin tags is the texture. Warts are usually rough in texture while skin tags are soft. Skin tags have fat in them and this makes them soft to the hands. Warts on the other hand are normally dry and therefore this makes them rough.

The good thing is that whether it is wart or skin tags and you are not sure, it is not a must for you to know as their treatments are the same. All the treatments administered for warts can work on skin tags and the case is the same for skin tags. Some common remedies are apple cider vinegar, dermisil and cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is freezing of the lesions with liquid nitrogen.

In conclusion, whether it is wart or skin tags, you should not worry as both are non-cancerous. These two skin conditions pose no risk to your health and therefore, whether it is a wart or a skin tag, there is no cause for alarm.

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