Removing A Skin Tag

Removing A Skin Tag

A skin tags is a skin condition that is non-cancerous and is characterized by hanging kin that is soft. This skin condition is normally caused by several factors like being overweight and diabetes. It can also be inherited. Pregnant women can also get skin tags.


Skin tags are of no risk at all and skin tags removers are only used for cosmetic reasons. There is several skin tag removers used at home. Home based skin tags removers are usually more preferred than other methods because they are cheap and affordable unlike other methods.


Duct tape is one of the many skin tag removers. This tape is cut off and used to cover the tag. After sometime, the tape will start loosening and this can be an indication that the tag is starting to fall off. If this does not happen, just put on a new tape and repeat the process until the tags successfully fall off.


Apple cider vinegar has been used for several skin conditions and has worked. This solution is also one of the skin tag removers. You simply apply this solution on the tags and let it dry there. This should be used twice on a daily basis and after two weeks you will begin seeing results.


Vitamin E is another of the skin tag removers. Put the vitamin on a band aid applied on the skin. When the band aid loosens up, you can remove it to see if the tag has begun to fall off. If that is not the case, please repeat the procedure.


Compound W can also be used just like duct tape and vitamin E. these skin tag removers work the same way and her is no major difference in their effectiveness.


Tying a string, most preferably a sewing thread, dental floss or fishing net at the base of the tag is another of the many skin tag removers. This will deter any blood flow to the tag and it will eventually die and fall off due to lack of supply of nutrients.


In conclusion, there are many home-based skin tag removers that can be used and before you settle on any of them, ensure that you speak effectively with your physician first in order to give you the go-ahead. These are cheap skin tag removers and every ordinary citizen ca afford.

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