Skin Tag Causes

A skin tag is a skin condition characterized by small tags of the skin that have a stalk. These tags usually resemble a small skin hanging that is soft and they are invariably non-cancerous and also cause no symptoms. Skin tags are usually comprised of nerve cells, fibers and ducts, covering of the epidermis and fat cells. The fat cells are the reason for the soft state of the tags. This skin condition is also known as acrochordon or cutaneous papilloma. This skin condition appears on the body where there is skin. This means that it can appear in any part of the body as there is skin everywhere. However, this skin condition is most commonly seen where skin rubs against skin like in the eyelids, armpits, breasts, the groin, the neck and upper chest.


Every condition has causes and this is the same case with skin tags. One of the skin tag causes is weight. Overweight people are more susceptible to skin tags due to the excess fats they have.


Heredity is another in cause in the list of skin tag causes. People who come from families where skin tags are dominant are more susceptible to skin tags that people who do not have the condition running in their families.


Another of the skin tag causes is diabetes. People who have diabetes are more prone to skin tags and also pregnant women. There are other unknown skin tag causes and are yet to be discovered. However, it is good to note that skin tags affect both males and females equally.


Skin tags are not dangerous and therefore treatment for them is not necessary especially because they are painless and fall off with time. It is also good to know that not all skin tags fall off and if they do, it is rare. Those who seek treatment do it for cosmetic reasons as skin tag causes the skin to look ugly.


There are several ways of dealing with skin tags. You can tie a string at the base of the tag tightly and leave it there for a few days so that there will be no blood supply to the tag. The tag will have no supply to its tissues and will therefore die in the end and fall off. You can also use topical treatments like dermisil and also apple cider vinegar.


In conclusion, since you know some skin tag causes, you need to ensure that you remain healthy and avoid situations that will put you at risk of skin tag causes like being overweight. Eat well and exercise and also eat healthy.

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