What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are skin outgrowths that appear on the skin look like soft hanging skin. They are harmless and have no effect on the health condition of a person. Skin tags are associated with obesity and partly due to heredity. It is a harmless infection and doesn’t cause skin cancer in any way, take caution not to confuse tumors with skin tags. Skin tags don’t require treatment however having them on your skin can be very uncomfortable especially for those who care so much about their public image.

Skin tags affects everyone, the most prone to skin tags are those suffering from obesity. Even those who are not overweight but have a lot of flesh especially under the breasts have high chances of getting skin tags.

Skin tags are known to arise due to the friction caused by body organs rubbing against each other. This friction causes the skin part under friction to produce a projection that increases in size gradually. There are talks that skin tags arise due to heredity however it is not scientifically proven.

Individuals with skin tags have projections on their skin; they may be present singly or in clusters. The skin outgrowths appear like a narrow stalk of skin emanating from deep in the skin. The skin tags are painless however if they are disturbed they can be very painful.

Skin tag is not a tumor and does not cause cancer, they are harmless outgrowths on the skin and rarely do they require treatment. Skin cancer can be found in skin tags but no case has been reported, therefore if you have the condition take the initiative of having it tested of any infection like skin cancer.

Yes there is treatment; there are many options of getting rid of skin tag but keep in mind that it is not necessary to remove skin tags as they do no harm. You can use natural methods when getting rid of skin tags or you can seek a doctor to help you get rid of skin tags. It is very easy to get rid of skin tags but always ensure that they are first checked by a doctor before you take any action on them.

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