Skin Tags – Home Remedies

If by any chance you have a skin tag, don’t worry, you can treat skin tags on your own. Skin tags are harmless; they are non-cancerous infections which don’t require treatment however having them on your skin is very discomforting. Sometimes they can increase in size and become very big that you can’t wear clothing comfortable, also they can increase in number on your skin and become very ugly. This is when you are required to take cause of action and seek treatment. It is better for the skin tag to be tested if it is carrying any other infection before treatment is initiated.

Start by applying natural oils and creams on the skin tag, gently apply the creams and not if there are any changes. The creams are effective if they are applied when the skin tags are still small and they vanish very fast, however large skin tags are not easy to fade away and may take long to vanish. This should not tempt you to change medication frequently trying to get the best, just use the one recommended by your doctor. If the creams cause allergic reactions on your skin stop the medication and seek a doctor’s attention.

If medication seems not to work for you or if you prefer instant treatment you can always cut the skin tag on your own, however keep in mind that it is painful and involves bleeding. When cutting the skin tags ensure that the instruments you use are sterilized and clean, dirty instruments may inflict infections on the wound. Cut the skin tag and clean the wound with a disinfectant, mostly recommended are antibacterial disinfectants. Cover the wound to prevent germs from causing other infection on your skin.

There are cases where the skin tags reappear from the same spot or other areas on the skin, seek help from a doctor since other infections may be present in the skin tags. Apply home remedies to skin tags that are small and few, if they are numerous or grow very big they are better left to be attended by the doctor since you may not know what is behind the infection. Skin tags are not an infection to be feared, you don’t have to wait for them to cause irritation or vanish on their own take charge and eliminate them early.

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