Skin Tags On The Anus

Skin tags on the anus have been often mistaken for either warts or moles. These skin tags can be rather uncomfortable which will result in excessive anal itching. This itching can be controlled through total hygiene. It is important to point out that the area around the anus consists of wrinkles and folds. The Skin tags on anus are common among many and may prove rather uncomfortable if not handled appropriately. If this diagnosis is made, then anal care has to be exercised. This will prevent you from scratching your bottom in public places after short periods of time.

When skin tags on the anus become eminent, it is important to clean the anal area once you have gone to the toilet. Some of the doctors may recommend that you utilize an aqueous cream which will play the role of a cleanser. Once you have applied it, it becomes very important to rinse it off properly. In the situation that you feel itchy, simply dab the anus. Avoid scratching with your bare hands or using a cloth. This is because you may end up damaging the skin area. If it is difficult to get it dry, utilize a hand dryer using cool heat. Go ahead and pour powder on a cotton ball and position it in your under wear next to the rectum opening so as to keep it dry. The powder you use must not be perfumed and they should be changed every time you go to the bathroom.

In the situation that the itching is too severe, do not use a bubble bath or any kind of perfumed oil. On the contrary, normal salt would work just fine in the water. Avoid wearing underwear that is shaped as it will only cause you to sweat more. While washing your underwear, do not use perfumes that have got biological type of enzymes. In the stores, you can find detergents that are mainly targeted for sensitive skin.

As much as you feel itchy, do not get tempted to scratch. However, it may become unbearable and thus if you really have to do it, look for a secluded place. Yet again do not scratch but rather hold the skin in the middle of your thumb and first finger. While sleeping, one may be tempted to scratch. In order to avoid this, you can wear gloves to ensure that the damage is kept at its minimum. Skin tags on anus are uncomfortable and therefore it is important to seek medical advice.

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