Skin Tags On The Neck

Skin tags are common especially for people over 40 years old. They rarely appear on teenagers and children. They may appear anywhere in the body. They mostly appear on the groin, neck and on the face. They are benign and are mainly caused by rubbing of the skin with something else like clothes or friction that may be caused by rubbing of skin. This is the reason why many overweight people are affected by the skin tags.

The cause of the skin tags on the neck may be as a result of friction of the skin with the clothes. The neck is most of the time in contact with the collar, hence a lot of friction on it. The skin tags vary in size, some are small while others are so large that you may see them hanging. It is a normal thing to get skin tags however they can be embarrassing to live with.

It is best to know how to avoid them as soon as possible. Though they are normal and are caused by ageing, it has also been highlighted that the condition is highly related and affected by the rubbing of the skin. It is therefore important to avoid any action that may result to the occurrence of these skin growths.

Some of the activities that may result to the friction on your neck include the wearing of necklaces. This is mostly common with the ladies. The necklace rub with your skin and the result may be appearance of skin tags on your neck.

Wearing tight clothes may also result to the unwanted friction. In the part of the neck for example, shirts, blouses and T-shirts with a tight collar will definitely cause rubbing on your skin. It is therefore most likely that you will develop skin tags on your neck.

There are so many ways to treat or remove the skin tags from your neck. It is however advisable to visit a doctor before you try to remove them. The reason is skin tags are more similar to skin cancer. This is however not a reason to worry as the skin tags never grow to cancer, they are just benign. They are harmless and apart from the irritation, they are not painful. It is however advisable that you leave them alone because no matter how much you try to remove them, they will always come back after sometime.

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