Removal Of Skin Tags

The skin tags are known to be irritating and for beauty and cosmetic reasons, many prefer to remove them.. If you are one of those seeking advice on how to eliminate skin tags, you are on the right place.

There are many ways to remove them. Some are medical while others are herbal. Others may be used by you at home.

You can apply compound W, the liquid is known to be very effective and most dermatologists use it to remove the tags. The compound attacks the tissues of the skin tag and with time it dies. The tag disconnects with the skin and falls off. The process takes a maximum time of one week.

Another liquid that can be used is the fingernail polish. Surprised? The polish is one of the easiest ways and you can do it on your own. Just apply the polish on them, and as it dries up, the tag freezes too and may fall off in a day’s time.

You may also tie a thin thread or a string at the base of the tag. The thread is tied to prevent the tag from getting blood. After some days, it dies and may fall off or you may cut it off with no pain felt.

The skin tags can also be froze using Nitrogen liquid. The process is known as Cryotherapy. It is one of the most used ways to remove these tags. You just apply the Nitrogen liquid on it and it dries up, with time it dies and falls off.

Dermisil, an herbal extract, is another product that can be used to remove the skin tags. The herbal product is so powerful and it attacks the tag’s tissue. The tag drops off in a week’s time. A smaller tag may however drop off within the first day after applying.

You may also opt to cut off the tag using a disinfected razor or a pair of scissors. It is however a dangerous method and you are advised not to do it on your own. This is because the wound may bleed and you have to stop it from bleeding.

Another way is through surgery. This is where the patient has the skin tag is cut off. The wound is later cauterized to stop bleeding. The processes however are not permanent, that is, they do not remove the skin tags completely. They appear again after sometime.

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