Treatment For Skin Tags

It is very easy to cure skin tags; skin tags are not an infection that will require regular monitoring by a doctor. Some skin tags fall on their own when they are rubbed on clothing, however most skin tags do not fall off. You can choose to treat skin tags naturally or seek treatment from a doctor, whichever option you choose you will arrive at the same results. Before starting your treatment visit a dermatologist, explain to him your condition and how you feel. Judging on your condition the dermatologist can administer the best treatment possible.

The best time to treat skin tags is when they are still small, at this stage they are still very soft and will cause less bleeding or none at all. When they are large it is hard to get rid of them and mostly it is recommended that you seek help from the dermatologist. You can as well let the skin tag vanish on its own, sometimes this is not the case and they end up increasing in number therefore seek help when they drastically increase in number as some other infections may have caused the increase.

There are natural forms of treatment where you tie a string around the bottom of the skin tag, after a few days the skin tag will fall off. This method is not convenient to some as it involves walking around with a string tied on your skin for even up to 2 days. The other option you can take is cutting the skin tag; just take a sharp razor blade or scissors, wash the equipment you are going to use and sterilize it. Cut the skin tag fast and clean the wound with an antibacterial. This is painful but efficient since the skin tag vanishes completely.

You can also use oils and creams to cure the infection, apply the creams twice or thrice daily for some period of time. Soon the skin tag dries up and vanishes completely; the only problem with this method is that the cream may not go well with others. Those with sensitive skins may develop allergic reactions and end up having complications. If you have sensitive skin seek the doctors advise first before using these medications. In cases where you apply treatment to the infection and it doesn’t vanish or it reappears seek the doctor’s attention since you may be having other infections.

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