Skin Tags On The Face

Skin tags, although they are benign or harmless, they are usually unpleasant or irritating, especially when they appear in the most visible areas of the body like on the face and neck. Skin tags on the face, to be more specific, form a great basis of concern among men and women. No one wants to walk around bearing embarrassing skin tags, and that is why special attention should be paid to the removal of them.

What causes skin tags on the face? Among new born babies for instance, it may be due to genetics or friction against the birth canal during birth. In the case of adults, there are several reasons that can be linked to this and they include; obesity, steroid use, diabetes and pregnancy.

Facial skin tags often call for immediate and effective removal. In talking about effective removal, I mean in terms of completely removing the skin tag such that it does not grow back and at the same time, avoiding leaving visible scars.

There are many facial skin tag removal methods that can be employed. Among them is a simple surgical procedure that can easily be carried out at home. It involves the use of a sterilized scalpel or nail clippers to cut off a skin tag just next to the healthy skin. This is a method, however, that is not very suitable for skin tags on the face because unless it is executed very carefully, chances of leaving an unwanted scar are high. For light complexioned persons especially, believe me, this is the last thing you need on your face.

Cryotherapy is a more logical solution for skin tags on the face. It entails killing the cell tissue within the tag by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. This in turn causes them to disintegrate and the skin tag falls off the face, without leaving a perceptible scar. The only problem with this method is that it leaves a chance of the skin tag growing back on the face.

One may also opt to tightly tie a string at the base of the skin tag and after two or so days, it will fall off. Or better still, you may use natural extracts like tea tree oil to rub against the skin tag a couple of times a day until it completely falls off.

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