Does The Sun Make Skin Tags Worse?

Skin tags are non-cancerous benign outgrowths that occur on the skin when blood vessels and collagen get trapped within thin bits of skin. In dark skinned persons, they appear as grey in color while in light skinned people, they can appear flesh colored or red. There are many issues that are raised relating to skin tags and among them is how the sun affects them. Does the sun make skin tags worse?

The sun emits ultra violet rays which negatively affects the skin. These rays largely affect cancerous cells and make the condition worse. Skin tags on the other hand, not being cancerous, are not made worse by the sun. Therefore do not be worried that the skin tags you may have in the sun-exposed body parts, are at a risk of developing further complications due to the ultra violet rays. In fact, the only thing that you should be worried about is how to remove them.

Why do you need to have skin tags removed, you ask? Skin tags are generally very unpleasant both to the people who have them as well as to the ones who physically interact with them. They may also be a source of embarrassment and this especially applies to the facial ones. Before embarking on removing them, it is advisable that you consult a dermatologist so that he may advise you adequately on how to proceed. What are some of the skin tag removal methods available?

One of the methods you can use is a simple surgery that involves cutting of the skin tag right at its base, just above the healthy skin. If you decide to carry it out at home, you can use a either a scalpel, a pair of scissors or nail clippers. However, the instrument to be used has to be properly sterilized by passing it over a frame or dipping it in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

Cryotherapy is another option that you may consider exploring. It pertains killing the cell tissue within the skin tags by freezing them. This can be done by with the help of liquid nitrogen and it is best carried out by a professional, mostly a dermatologist.

Another procedure that can be used to remove skin tags is diathermy. In this case, a heated probe is used to burn the cells within the skin tags, instantly killing them and hence getting rid of the skin tags.

There are a couple other methods that you can choose from too. Do not be in such a hurry to get rid of skin tags as they pose no danger to you at all. Explore all the available options with the help of your dermatologist and decide upon which is the most appropriate to use in your case.

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