What Causes Skin Tags?

What are skin tags? They are basically polypoid outgrowths of both the epidermis and dermal fibrovascular tissue. In more technical terms, they are small pieces of skin, usually with stalks that protrude from the skin especially in parts that have folds or experience friction. They appear as dark or red outgrowths with smooth or rough tips. They are common in people of ages but seem to be more frequent to people who are above the age of forty.

Many research and studies have been carried out over the years to determine what causes skin tags. So far, there are no particular things that have been found to exactly cause skin tags. The only things that have been determined ones that increase the risk of one developing these outgrowths. Before looking at these risk factors, it is important to first understand what exactly occurs on the skin resulting into the skin tags.

You see, collagen and blood vessels are trapped and entangled against thick bits of skin. This makes the part of skin in question to swell slightly and appear to protrude. In this respect, there are several factors that have been proven to increase the risk of it occurring.

Among them is the use of steroids. Many bodybuilders today are in quest of gaining more and more muscle with each new day. This then means that part of their routine involves using steroids and unfortunately, the most effective steroids in building muscles are the illegal ones. This apparently, does not deter them (bodybuilders) from taking them. The consequent effect on the body involves the rapid build up of tissues which may result into the developing of skin tags.

Obese people are also in more likely to develop skin tags unlike averagely-sized or slim individuals. This is again due to the tissue build up and rubbing of the skin. The collagen fibres and blood vessels in turn get entangled within the fat thus resulting into these tags.

In talking about tissue build up, pregnant women definitely come to mind. Unfortunately, they too are at high risk of developing skin tags. This is because during pregnancy body growth is accelerated and when weight gain is not controlled, one may end up gaining many kilos, which is a catalyst for the development of skin tags.

Part of diabetes diagnosis involves the injection of insulin to stabilize the blood sugar level. This frequent insulin injection also puts a person at risk of developing skin tags.

Mentioning all the above cases does not mean that there are no exceptions. In fact, there are many perfectly healthy individuals who have never even had children and yet they develop skin tags, or have had many and develop no skin tags. Some children too fall under this category. It is always advised that on noticing any kind of outgrowth on the skin, you should immediately seek medical help by consulting a dermatologist.

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