10 Skin Tag Removal Methods

Skin tag removal can be performed in a number of ways , it all depends on the area in which the tags are located as well as the number of tags you have on your skin. Skin tags which appear on places like the legs, chests and hands can be easily removed while those that appear on exposed areas are very unpleasing and such may be difficult to remove because of the sensitive parts of the body on which they appear.

Direct cutting is one of the fastest means of removing skin tags. It can be performed at home but you must ensured that materials used are sterilized. You may also have to deal with a tingling painful sensations.

Aside direct cutting, electrolysis is another means by which an electric current is passed through the cells of the skin tags, they die instantly as a result of this effect. Electrolysis is not performed at home but at the clinic of a dermatologist.

Cryotherapy or liquid freezing is another surgical method by which skin tags can be removed, the freezing Nitrogen is sprayed onto the skin tags and the tissues dies and the falls off.

Making a tight string around the base of skin tags to cut off the blood supply to the tags is another way of removing skin tags from the skin. This procedure takes longer to accomplish but the skin tags are naturally detached from the skin quickly.

If you prefer a natural skin tag removal method, you should consider tea tree oil. Pour some drops of the tea tree oil on a piece of cotton bud swab, and rub it on to the skin tags. Apply this treatment three times a day and you will see how the tag will fall off in few weeks.

The use of castor oil with baking soda is another way by which you can remove skin tags. Simply mix castor oil with some quantity of baking soda and rub against the skin tags twice a day, the skin tags should fall off completely after few weeks.

Blood root is another natural means of removing skin tags, it is as effective as others and it will get rid of your skin tags in few weeks as well but be careful as some consider this herb dangerous.

Duct tape is perhaps the easiest way of removing skin tags, just plaster it on the wart and change everyday for 1 week.

You can use Vitamin E supplements to treat skin tags as well.

Last but not least, the final skin tag removal method is using our skin tag removal kit – and after applying the solution for just 15 minutes your skin tag will fall off in a few days.

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