Common Causes Of Skin Tags

Skin tags are non-cancerous, benign growths that occur on the skin due to the trapping of collagen and blood vessels against thin bits of skin. They are not painful although they are unpleasant and irritating especially if they constantly appear on the most visible body parts like the face. Their causes are not known so far, although there are factors that have been proven to increase one’s risk of developing them.

They appear on people of all ages although they are most common on persons who are already past mid life. In other words, appear mostly on people past the age of forty. On new born babies, they are attributed to heredity. A baby is bound to have one or more if someone along his or her blood one is known to have had them.

Skin tags are also most common in obese people. This is mainly due to the friction that occurs between the many folds of skin that form on the body. Apart from this, there is also the friction that occurs when the skin constantly rubs against clothes that increase the risk of one acquiring them.

Pregnancy is another factor that increases the chance of one developing skin tags. Thus pregnant women are among those in the bracket of the most common acquirers of these tags. Why is it so? Pregnancy also comes with weight gain for the mother to be. This tissue build up in turn contributes to increased skin friction, leading to the development of skin tags. Great friction may also be experienced during child birth, making the mother develop vaginal skin tags.

Steroid use also encourages rapid tissue build up. Hence, you would expect skin tags to be most common among bodybuilders, who are regular abusers of steroids, especially the illegal types. These illegal steroids are the most effective in terms of weight and muscle gain, something that encourages tissue friction and eventually brings about skin tags.

Skin tags are also most common in diabetic people. This is largely attributed to the insulin injections.

Therefore, in a bid to prevent the developing of skin tags, one should keep his or her weight and blood sugar level in check. Body builders ought to also stop using the illegal steroids. In the event they develop, there are many options that are available today that one could use to remove them.

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