Skin Tags On Dark Skin

Skin tags are non cancerous, benign growths that occur on the skin due to the trapping of blood vessels and collagen against thin bits of skin. This is something that makes them unpleasant especially if they appear somewhere visible like on the face. Their structure is the same in all people. They have a thin stalk that supports a tip. However, their appearance differs with people with different complexions.

Take dark skin for example. Skin tags that appear on them are sometimes darker than the surrounding skin and other times grey in color. This is in contrast to light skinned people who have red or brown ones. Hence, a skin tag in dark people is still very visible, although not as much as in their light skinned counterparts.

Skin tags on dark skin, just like in light people are smooth in texture. On the other hand, there are some that are a bit rough, especially on the tip. They may also occur in numbers, especially on older persons.
There are many options that dark or light skinned individuals could choose from in order to remove these irritating protrusions. One may for example, use a simple surgical procedure that involves cutting of the skin tag right at its base with the help of a scalpel, nail clippers or a blade. The instrument to be used has to be properly sterilized first by either passing it through a flame or dipping it in alcohol or in hydrogen peroxide. This is a method that is going to leave a scar but fortunately, it would not be very perceptible in dark skin.

A more natural method that could be used to remove skin tags on dark or light skin is the rubbing of bloodroot on them. This is a something that could harm the healthy skin around the tags and therefore, extreme care should be taken when applying it. In the event of harm on skin, dark skinned people are again fortunate here since the injury will be less visible than on their light skinned counterparts.

There are many other methods that could be applied for skin tag removal. A few of them are cryotherapy, electrolysis, tightly tying of a string or duct tape, laser surgery, diathermy etc. They all leave a scar where a skin tag existed, although if carried out carefully to completely remove the skin tag, a very small one would appear. These scars are not very visible in dark skin, hence leaving dark skinned people with a wider range of skin tag removal methods to choose from.

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