Are Skin Tags Contagious?

Skin tags are skin growths that appear to be a small pieces of hanging and soft skin. Since this is a benign skin condition, this does not entail any danger especially to the health of the affected individual.

Many people are wondering whether skin tags are contagious or not. Well, the truth is that they are not contagious. Truth be told, there is no strong basis with regards to skin tags being contagious. Simply put, the development of skin tags is not caught from any person, and conversely, it is not transmitted to anyone.

While warts, which are very similar to skin tags, are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV, and are known as a contagious skin condition, skin tags are not caused by this kind of virus.

There are those individuals who are very likely to have skin tags. Most of the time, there are so many tags involved, even reaching to 100 tags. There are many causes that are believed to trigger the development of skin tags. These include heredity, increased weight, and other unknown causes. Both males and females have the tendency of having skin tags. The more overweight a person is, the higher the chances there are of having skin tags. Obese individuals are also likely to have skin tags as well as those women who have larger breasts. The development of skin tags occur underneath the breasts and other areas of the skin where there are folds and creases.

There are small tags that fall off by itself. Apart from being a natural instance, this also does not involve any pain. Because of this, there are those people who are not even aware that they had suffered from having a skin tag. Once developed, a skin tag normally stays where it is and it does not fall off naturally.

When it comes to treating this kind of skin condition, there are now several skin tag removal procedures that anyone who has skin tags may take into consideration. It is an ideal thing to consult a skin doctor first before going any further. It is a big decision to undergo skin tag removal, so make it a point to know all of the things that you have to know about their removal procedures and the type best suitable for you.

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